5 Summertime Courses In NYC

The days are getting warmer, the sun is shining longer, and there is a feeling of creativity in the air. If residents of Glenwood are feeling inspired to learn a new thing or two this season, check out our five favorite spring courses around Manhattan. From the Westside to Midtown East (and everywhere in between), we’ve scooped up the classes we’re most excited about this spring.

A bowl of pea soup with garnish

For Foodie Lovers: Souping Is The New Juicing

The National Gourmet Institute is hosting “Souping is the New Juicing” on June 21st from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. The course is $140, and will be held at their Flatiron location. The course recognizes the hundreds (thousands?!) of potential spring and summertime soups available for cooking, and will school you on how to create soups that support your immune system and tingle your taste buds. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to create your own soup base with healthy ingredients. Popular spring soups you can expect to create and taste are Watermelon Gazpacho, Chilled Carrot and Turmeric Soup with Scallion Oil, Summer Minestrone, and Lemon-Lentil Soup With Mint and Cilantro, among many others.

And if “souping” isn’t your cup of tea, but you love the idea of learning a new springtime cooking method, make sure to visit The National Gourmet’s website, as there is a huge array of classes available to take all season long.

CHECK OUT —> National Gourmet Institute’s Souping is the New Juicing  <—


Night-time photography of the New York City skyline taken in central park

For Photography Enthusiasts: Night Photography In Central Park

New York City Photo Safari is hosting the perfect $100 course for photography enthusiasts who also happen to be incredibly passionate about the city we call home: Central Park At Night! On June 2nd, join them from 8:30pm to 10:30pm as they teach the art of composition skills at night as well as the issues related to taking pictures in low light conditions. Not only will you score some amazing photos of your city (that you can then print and give as gifts), but this skill will come in handy anytime you find yourself needing to take a photo after sunset.

The course is appropriate for all levels, from beginners to advanced photographers. Since it takes place in the evening, it could also be a great iconic date night to take your significant other on! You’ll be meeting at Central Park South and 5th Avenue, which makes it ideal for both residents living in Midtown East’s The Bristol as well as the Upper East Side’s The Fairmont. And if you can’t make it for their June 2nd class, fear not. It repeats on June 16th, July 2nd, July 14th, and July 28th.

CHECK OUT —> NYC Photo Safari’s Central Park At Night! <—

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Exploring the Upper East Side

With the Second Ave Subway & Central Park within walking distance, the Upper East Side seems too good to be true! Find a luxury apartment at an affordable price.

For Those With A Side Hustle: Build Your Business On Instagram

Take advantage of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s myriad of classes this upcoming season, including “Build Your Business On Instagram”. Whether your side hustle includes an Etsy shop, private yoga instruction, or wedding photography, you need to be on your social media game these days to promote it. This class will teach you to recognize the most impactful activities on the Instagram platform and consistently execute them at a high level. You will leave the class with a toolbox of strategies and tips to excel at your Instagram game, and have more customers/clients for your small business by the end of summer! The class will be July 16th from 6pm to 9pm, and at a price point of only $35, this is one anyone with a side hustle can’t afford to miss.


Aerial view of a hands-on flower bouquet-making class

For Those Who Love To Entertain: Flower Arranging With Store Bought Bouquets

If you love to entertain at your Glenwood home, the New York Botanical Garden’s “Flower Arranging With Store Bought Bouquets” is the perfect course for you! You’ll learn to create your own professional-looking arrangements with economical, store-bought bouquets, that can come right from your neighborhood corner bodega for $5 a bushel. You can then display these in your home, making a very economical display look like a million bucks from the florist’s shop!

The NYBG’s Midtown location for classes is very convenient for Midtown East Glenwood residents. The next class is June 26th from 6pm to 8pm and is $100.

CHECK OUT —> NYBG’s Flower Arranging With Store Bought Bouquets <—

For Those Who Have A Trip To France Planned: French For Beginners

Whether you have a trip to Paris planned, are looking for a fun new hobby and skill to embark on over the next few months, or want to impress your French speaking significant other, the “French for Beginners” class at Idlewild Books is the perfect way to make it all happen! Not only will you be learning a beautiful language in an adorable book store, but they will be focusing on real life conversation, so the French you walk away with from the beginning will actually be applicable to real life and helpful on your language learning journey. The class goes from July 7th through August 18th and is $295.

CHECK OUT —> Idlewild Book’s French For Beginners <—

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New York City Apartment Hunting Tips

Whether you’re moving to The Big Apple from across the country, across the state, or simply across the park, you’ll be one step closer to finding a great place to live with these apartment hunting tips!

What courses are you looking forward to this season? We’d love to hear on Facebook and Twitter!

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