5 Ways to Cool Off in New York City

July is awesome in New York City because of all the great block parties, outdoor festivals and free concerts, and also because EVERY month is awesome in New York City. But it does get hot here in July, no question… in fact, it looks like we're going to get at least ten days of 90-plus temperatures again this year.

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MoviePass: For $35 a Month Get Unlimited Movies at (Almost) Every NYC Theatre

I go to a lot of movies, in a lot of different theaters, in neighborhoods all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. And by a lot I mean around 120 a year, which is about 10 a month, or 2 or 3 every week. I see documentaries and art films, Hollywood blockbusters and rom-coms, foreign films, indie films, animation, action, comedy, thrillers, dramas, love stories… anything, really. 

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