Free Kayaking NYC on the Hudson River

Kayakers in NYC during summer heat.

[Updated] It's free kayaking season again! So if you're not on a vacation getaway, or enjoying one of NYC's many destination parks and rooftop bars, then we suggest you grab your paddle and cruise the open water! In the last decade or so, NYC's terrific Downtown Boathouse, a non-profit, all-volunteer organization, has accomplished what not so long ago would have been unthinkable: to convince hundreds of New Yorkers, of all ages and paddling skills, to come out and play in the Hudson River. 

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5 Ways to Cool Off in New York City

July is awesome in New York City because of all the great block parties, outdoor festivals and free concerts, and also because EVERY month is awesome in New York City. But it does get hot here in July, no question… in fact, it looks like we're going to get at least ten days of 90-plus temperatures again this year.

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