Two terrific new bakeries, Arcade Bakery and Baked arrive in Tribeca

Question: Can neighborhoods ever have TOO MANY bakeries? Especially if the bakeries are really, really good? How about if those bakeries also have first-rate coffee and a comfortable place to sitand chill or work or chat with friends? So is the case in Tribeca, which is already one of the prettiest, most loaded-with-goodies neighborhood in all of Manhattan. Two such spots have arrived within a few blocks of each other this year – and of course, there was no outcry about the community being overrun by brownies and baguettes, croissants and cookies and cakes. Find out which two outstanding bakeries arrived in the neighborhood.

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Francois Payard’s Bakery New York, New on West Houston Street

Francois Payard's dreams of an eclair empire here in New York City may have been set back a bit two summers ago, when the renowned pastry chef closed his namesake patisserie on the Upper East Side after a rent fight with his landlord. But with the recent opening of Francois Payard's Bakery NYC on West Houston Street–and plans for several more locations throughout Manhattan in the coming months–it appears that the French master baker has got his mojo back. We've stopped into the downtown Payard's a few times since its opening in September, and on each visit have appreciated the warmth and casual comfort of the place, as well as, most importantly, the food.    

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