Sugar and Plumm in the Upper West Side Brings the Savory & the Sweet

Pulled Pork and Waffles at Sugar and Plumm, UWS, Manhattan.

Sugar and Plumm first made itself known to its Upper West Side soon-to-be neighbors late last year when construction began on the 2,300-square-foot space, and a stretch of lavender-ish painted plywood stretched up nearly half the block. Not a little local outrage soon followed, with folks complaining about everything from the mall-ification of Amsterdam Avenue to the dangers posed to the health of neighborhood kids by having so many sweets so readily available, not to mention the imagined arguments which were sure to ruin many a family outing if parents dared to tell their children "no". Last week, after surviving a passive-aggressive attack by area "vandals" and a redesign of the interiors by the Rockwell Group, Sugar and Plumm finally opened its doors… and when we stopped in on opening night, Sugar and Plumm on the Upper West Side was packed. Only question is, is it indeed a "destination of…

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Books of Wonder Kid’s Bookstore: Now With More Cookies! And Bacon!

Bakery in NYC inside of Books of Wonder in Chelsea

Is Books of Wonder NYC's best children's book store? Possibly. Probably. Yes, ok: definitely. Because although it's been a bunch of years since we last brought our children to this pretty, airy Chelsea bookstore–it's both New York City's oldest and largest independent children's bookstore–as soon as we walked in the door last week nothing but happy memories came flooding in. Also: we were at Books of Wonder to eat a whole bunch of cookies, including plenty of bacon-y baked goodies, so that certainly helped the mood of our crew. But more on the (excellent!) cookies in a minute.

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