Guide to NYC Fashion Week 2018

A fashion model wearing a bright yellow dress at a runway show during NYC Fashion Week.

Photo Credit: New York City Fashion Week

New York City’s Fashion Week is one of the city’s most anticipated annual events, and it’s taking place this season February 8th through 16th, 2018. (Or in case you’re interested in the men’s events, those will be February 5th through 8th.) While the majority of shows are closed to the general public, reserved exclusively for the press and industry members, we’ve scoped out a few ways you can get the most out of the week, below!

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Attending a Fashion Show

If you’re intent on getting front row center to a show, the full lineup of shows open to the public is available here. The list will continue to be updated until the first day of Fashion Week, so check back often, and RSVP soon!

As you may notice, the shows available are not the heavy hitting designers (like Marc Jacobs), as those are the shows reserved just for industry insiders. The shows you’ll be privy to here are up-and-coming designers, which also has its perks. Just think: Chanel was once a no name brand, and look where they are today!

Once you locate a show you’re interested in attending, you must click on that particular link and RSVP with that designer (usually taking the form of an online submission or email.) You’ll receive your confirmation directly from that design house, so keep your eyes on your inbox.

Shows take place all over Manhattan, with the large majority happening Downtown or Midtown, making it very convenient for Glenwood residents of Liberty Plaza and The Bamford to attend.

A row of pastel and neutral colored flat shoes from Tieks.

Photo Credit: Tieks

What to Wear

New York City Fashion Week is the week to pull out your best couture and rock it like Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City. Dig out your highest heels, most eccentric hat, and brightest color bag – it all goes this week! In fact, the more stylish you are, the greater chances you’ll have to be stopped by a street photographer outside the shows (or coffee and juice shops, another hot area fashion week icons hang out) to be photographed for the fashion blogs.

Two men sitting at a wooden table dining with a reservation made from OpenTable.

Photo Credit: OpenTable

Tips to Keep in Mind

Before you head out to the shows, here’s a few things to remember:

  1. Don’t forget your photo ID that matches the name you registered with.

All of the fashion week shows are sticklers for security, and take their lists very seriously. For example, if you registered with your married last name but are carrying your driver’s license with your maiden name, you’re very likely not going to be admitted – even if the photo matches up. So plan ahead and pack your correct ID in your clutch!

  1. Wear flats, and change into heels.

While your highest heels are definitely encouraged, here’s a little trick from industry insiders: pack them in your bag to change into directly outside of the show and wear flats to the show. Fashion doesn’t have to hurt, ladies! Fats from Tieks are great, and fashionable, options.

  1. Make your post-show dinner reservations ahead of time.

Most shows open to the public are in the evening hours, between 5 pm and 8 pm. Since you’ll be out on the town and decked out in your finest NYC couture, why not make a night of it and head to dinner and drinks afterwards? Save yourself the headache of long wait times and book a restaurant near the show ahead of time via OpenTable. This way you’ll have guaranteed on-time seating!

  1. Tag all your photos on social media.

Anyone who’s been to fashion week will probably agree: half the fun of the event is that it’s such a social experience. Get in on the social media fun by hash tagging your photos (#NYFW), your location, and the designer. You’ll not only leave your mark (and your Instagram handle) in your fabulous outfit, but you’ll be able to connect with others who are Instagramming the shows, as well.

What show are you planning to attend this season? Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

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