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There’s no doubt that moving to New York City’s Upper West Side can be quite a thrilling experience – from apartment hunting tips, finding a roommate to split bills with, and even exploring the area’s brunch spots for a sunny weekend date. If there’ss one thing that can make any move easier, it’s hiring a reliable, courteous, and affordable mover. Here are our top picks of UWS movers that pack up, tape tight, and safely transport your home from point A to B!

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Katz Moving

The mission of Katz Moving is something we can all get on board with: to incorporate new methods of recycling techniques and eco-friendly practices when transporting goods across not only the Upper West Side, but New York City. I’m always looking for ways to reduce my carbon footprint, so knowing that a moving company holds such values earns some major points!

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NYC Apartment Moving Checklist

So you decided to move to the Big Apple, eh? Congrats, and welcome to the city! Your first order of business is to find a place to live. Keep our apartment moving checklist close at hand to easy your search!

When you think about it, packing involves cardboard boxes. And a lot of plastic tape. Katz Moving only uses recycled plastic materials and crates – which are friendly to the environment! But before you move your eco-friendly crates into your new apartment, clean your space with their pre and post-moving cleaning specials. Perhaps the coolest, and most customer-friendly service, this company provides is their Stuff Cam. Thanks to technology, you can watch your items be loaded, transported, and unloaded in real time – right from a Katz Moving truck! 

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Ben Hur Moving & Storage

If you’re a new resident to the Upper West Side and could use a hand in familiarizing yourself with routes for your move, keep an eye open for the big green moving trucks! The crew at Ben Hur Moving & Storage is the right fit for you. Besides simply moving your boxes – Ben Hur Moving transports, unpacks, and sets up your apartment essentials. With service available 24/7, these guys know New York City like the back of the hands. If you happen to be moving out of NYC, they specialize in Long Island, Connecticut, and Westchester moves, too!

Moving on a budget? Ben Hur Moving & Storage doesn’t beat around the bush with prices. Estimates are guaranteed writing, and your price won’t change from your first day of inquiry, to the final unpacked box.

Lift NYC Movers offers mving services from NYC's West Village to East Hampton with NYC skyline and green background.
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Lift NYC Movers

The crew at Lift NYC Moving wants to get you moving – and they’ve been helping NYC do just that for over 30 years. If there’s a tie when it comes to transporting goods and safely wrapping/prepping them, Lift is the winner! From providing moving services from The West Village to The Hamptons, Lift NYC has an endless supply of moving supplies to get you to where you want to be:

It’s clear that these guys are stocked up on moving supplies, but there’ss a bonus for you. They’ve partnered up with Manhattan Mini Storage to give you 15% off on storage fees when mentioning Lift NYC. Bring on the moving trucks!

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Luxury Amenities at The Regent

From rooftop terraces to 24-hour door service, contact The Regent's leasing consultants today for a personalized tour.

Greenbaum Expert Moving

Word on the street is that Greenbaum Expert Moving is just that good. With kind and polite demeanor of employees who truly make you feel like they want to help you not only move, but settle into your place, my move to the West Side couldn’t have gone smoother. If you have a few collections near and dear to your heart, say delicate china sets or children’s artwork, Greenbaum goes the extra mile in giving special attention and care to keep these items safe and sound en route.

Are you a recent mover to the Upper West Side? What moving tips do you have to share with NYCers looking to move? Share on Facebook and Twitter!