Work From Home Tips

Many of us have been working from home for months now. While the first month at home may have been a nice change to spend more time with family or your significant other, some of us may now find ourselves struggling to find a work – home balance. If you are looking for some tips on working from home, keep reading! 

A women working from home at her desk with a laptop, notebook, glasses and coffee mug

Set Up A Designated Workspace 

I have found working from home that it is best to work only at my desk, and during breaks physically remove myself from my desk. It will help you actually relax when you are trying to watch a movie with your kids on the couch if you haven’t been working for the past few hours in that same spot. (Yes, there is nothing quite like curling up on the couch with your computer, but I find I can’t turn off the “work mode” in my head as quickly if I work and unwind in the same spot.)  If you had a study in your apartment that you gave up for your child’s zoom school or zoom activities and resorted to working at your bedroom vanity or desk, you know how important it is to take your breaks form work OUTSIDE of that space. Many of us in the office would have lunch at our desk, well if you are working in your apartment, take a walk to pick up lunch in your neighborhood or make and eat lunch in your kitchen! 

A person working at home with a 4 person online meeting overlooking reports

Create A Schedule For Yourself 

If you previously worked in an office where you arrived at 9am every morning and left at 6pm every evening- stick to that same schedule at home. If you had a 30-minute lunch break, take your lunch break! If you have kids at home, what a nice time to get some fresh air and take a short walk. A great tip from an illustrator who works for Disney and Pixar is to try to not use your phone all day long. Now of course, you likely will need your phone handy for communicating with coworkers or bosses via text or phone calls, but try to not use social media throughout the day! Leave Instagram and Tik Tok for your lunch break or post work de-stressing! 

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If You Need A Break, Take A Break 

If I was having a rough workday, I always went for a walk to my favorite café a block from my office to get a chocolate croissant. While I now am very far from that café, I still have frustrating workdays. So, I found a local coffee shop that has the best matcha lattes, and on those days that I need a little reprieve, I will take a 10-minute stroll to get that latte! It may sound silly but keeping little habits that got me through a workday in the office have significantly eased the working from home transition!

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