Italian Restaurant NYC: Sauce Restaurant Lower East Side

Who doesn't like Frank Prisinzano's restaurants, that mini-empire of East Village Italian restaurants that include Frank, Lil Frankies, and Supper? The answer is: no one. No one doesn't like these places. And with good reason: they're intimate, cheap, tasty, welcoming. Can't-miss date spots; perfect for fun friends-night-out. Now add Frank Prisinzano's newest to the list, the excellent Sauce. Maybe Sauce is a bit more of a party than his other restaurants–the place gets loud and 90-minute-wait crowded–but that makes sense, given its prime, somewhat sprawling Lower East Side corner spot on Rivington and Allen Streets. Basically: it all works at Sauce NYC: go early for the relaxed atmosphere and first-rate food; go late for the amped-up scene and the first-rate food. If you're a resident of Glenwood's luxury highrise manahattan apartment, there's no excuse to not enjoy Sauce NYC.

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