How to Survive Your Holiday Office Party

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Ahh, the office holiday party. Being that we live in NYC, these can range from casual office soirees consisting of store bought cookies and punch on a Friday afternoon, to glamorous affairs at top trending NYC restaurants, no expense withheld, to somewhere in between. Whether you’re in the camp of “love it!” or “dread it!”, we’ve compiled a list of tips which will help residents of Glenwood’s luxury buildings get through the party as gracefully as possible!

Appropriate Dress

As mentioned above, office holiday party times and locations will play a big part in appropriate dress. If you’re having a party during lunch in the office conference room, chances are you’ll be wearing exactly what you wore to work that morning. However, if your CEO rents out a popular spot in the Upper West Side for a Saturday night bash, your attire will surely change.

One thing applies overall here: whether you work at a hip startup or a firm that’s been around for generations, dress to impress. It’s always better to be the person overdressed in a room than the person under dressed, and this especially applies when you’re trying to make a good impression with your work crew. Different office cultures and ages play a big role in this, but when in doubt, opt for something timeless and classy, like a mid length dress, pair of heels, and pearls for the ladies. For guys, you can never go wrong with a sport jacket or suit and tie!

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Attending the Party

If your office party is held after hours and you’re wondering if you have to go, the answer is yes!

Assuming you plan to stay at your current place of work and care about making good impressions with your boss, put in the effort to be there. Remember that someone put in a lot of work planning, organizing, and executing the party. Choosing not to show up is like telling your boss you’d rather be doing other things (even if this is true, this is not a message you want to send!).

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Network with Colleagues

Office parties give you time to mingle with departments outside of the one you work with on a daily basis – meaning this is a fantastic opportunity to network! Perhaps you’re hoping on switching roles, or are working towards climbing up the corporate ladder. Take advantage of this and start a conversation with someone who may be able to help you. Do your research to find out who you should talk to!

A helpful tip is to always follow up with an email to whomever you chatted with. Make sure to mention a key thing you talked about and offer a time to chat over coffee about potential opportunities after the holidays.

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Holiday Party Etiquette

A big rule to remember for the office holiday party is that this is NOT a night out with your friends in Downtown Manhattan. As festive as it may feel, remember you’re around people you work with on a daily basis. You don’t want to be a hot topic at the water cooler! As always, keep it professional – limit yourself on drinks, have a plan to get home, and enjoy the event!

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Things to Avoid

  • Don’t gossip. Regardless of what fellow coworkers are saying, try to remove yourself from office drama and potential gossip. Instead, redirect the conversation to things everyone can relate to, like upcoming holiday plans, recent and upcoming vacations, pets or kids, favorite TV shows, and current reads.
  • Try not to dominate conversations. There’s a certain give and take of dialogue that needs to happen for conversation to flow nicely. If you realize you’ve been the only one talking for the last ten minutes, it’s time to change the topic and let someone else do the chatting!
  • Always say goodbye before you leave. Even if you don’t get to have much face time with your boss or company executives, it’s important to say your farewells before leaving the event. Thank them for their hard work, hosting the event, and support for the company!
  • Don’t complain! You may find a few things throughout the holiday party you would have planned differently, but keep these thoughts to yourself. Give thanks to whoever put it together, whether it’s the office secretary, party planning committee, or your boss. These events take a lot of work behind the scenes, and they’ll surely appreciate and remember your gratitude!

Any tried and true tips you’ve used in the past for surviving your holiday party? Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

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