Sticking With Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy 2017, New York City! I heard a great joke this week that went something along the lines of: “I’m opening a gym called ‘Resolutions’. It will have exercise equipment for the first two weeks, then turn into a bar for the rest of the year.” In a perfect world, right!? However in reality, we’ve gently changed the way you can look at your 2017 goals and how to actually make them achievable.

Below we’ve rounded up the top 3 resolutions for 2017, according to NBC News, and simple ways you CAN make them possible!

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If your resolution is to be healthier…

Almost everyone I know makes it a goal to lose weight, eat healthier, or join a gym once the near year rolls around. Unfortunately, this is the resolution that’s much easier said than done! Rather than giving up on your health and blaming your work schedule and lack of time, you can make a few changes to your everyday routine that will add up in a big way:

Track your steps. Download a pedometer app on your phone or wear a fitness device (I never leave the house without my FitBit). A good daily goal is 10,000 steps, which can quickly be achieved in New York City! Head out for a walk during lunch, take your dog for an extra day time walk, and instead of having dinner delivered, take a walk to pick it up yourself!

Drink lots and lots of water. A great way to avoid making not so healthy snack choices is keeping a bottle of water with you at all times. Some say you should drink half your body weight in liquid ounces daily! PLUS, having a glass of water with your afternoon granola bar or trail mix can fill any snack craving. Since we love to keep it local, check out the NYC brand S’well bottle. It fits easily in your bag, comes in a color/design for everyone, and will keep your beverage cold for 24 solid hours!

Visit a different type of bar. Instead of meeting friends for Happy Hour every week, indulge in a unique boutique fitness class instead! I’m a huge fan of anything that feels playful rather than a chore – which exactly why I love Trampolean’s trampoline classes.

Need a little more motivation? Trampolean is offering half off your first class!

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If your resolution is to get organized…

If organization holds any interest to you (or you’re in dire need of it), this resolution is one that is easy to maintain once you get into the swing of things.Check out these tips I’ll definitely be making use of in 2017:

Keep paper clutter away from the apartment. If you’re in need of some organization tips, A Bowl Full of Lemons can help you get the job done when it comes to mail organization. Rather than putting it in a pile to sort for later, toss the junk mail (and request to be removed from mailing lists, while you’re at it!), pay any bills, and read any magazines and then give them away/recycle them – ASAP!

Donate your unwanted clothes to a charity. Pick a certain date, say, Valentine’s Day. This will give you motivation to clean and sort through your closet, and you’ll be motivated to help a great cause. There’s even free pick-ups in NYC by the charity Little Sisters of the Assumption, so you don’t have to schlep bags on the subway!

Don’t buy anything new until you use up what you have. This sounds simple enough – walk into your bathroom and count the amount of bath products that are lining your shower and vanity. Crazy, right? You’ll be amazed how long those 3 bottles of shampoo will last you before you have to head to buy another. Same goes for your kitchen pantry items.

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If your resolution is to enjoy life to the fullest…

This is a pretty lofty goal, which can easily get lost in the shuffle of every day life. Ironic, isn’t it? Here are a few simple ways you can make sure you’re enjoying life to the fullest this year:

  1.  Schedule time on your calendar for YOU. Treat this time as a work meeting or doctor’s appointment, and don’t miss it! By giving yourself time for the things you enjoy, like water coloring, riding your bike through Central Park, reading a new novel, or knitting yourself a big chunky scarf, you’ll feel more fulfilled during the rest of your life.
  2. Slow down. Sometimes the easiest way to begin appreciating life is by pausing and actually enjoying the present moment. Three Jewels in the East Village offers free guided lunchtime meditation every day.

How do you plan to make your resolution stick this year? Give us the inside scoop on Facebook and Twitter!

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