Socially Distant Halloween Activities For Kids

With Halloween approaching, there is a lot to look forward to! The anticipation of Halloween is an exciting time for your little ones whose lives have likely been shifted due to social distancing. While Halloween may look a little different this year, we have 4 great socially distanced activities that will make October 31st memorable for your kids!

A child with a purple witch hat holding a trick or treating pumpkin out over her face filled with candy.

Costume Contest

Keeping my kids connected to their friends has been so important during this time of social distancing. Zoom playdates have been a mood lifter in the house! So, for Halloween this year, a Zoom costume contest can be a great activity for your kids and something fun to look forward to! Let them know weeks in advance so that your child can have ample time to plan out his or her costume.

Four small pumpkins on a white background ready to be carved!

Pumpkin Carving In The Park

Pumpkin carving is a great socially distanced activity for your children! They can sit on a blanket or towel spaced over 6 ft from their friends, yet still have a fun interactive activity. This can be done over zoom too if that makes you feel more comfortable in your Glenwood kitchen or terrace! For younger kids instead of using a pointed utensil, try a paint kit or sticker set for the pumpkins!

Halloween chocolate muffins with bats stuck with toothpicks, a small pumpkin and ghost straws in the background.

Trick Or Treat In Your Apartment

This year, trick or treat in your Glenwood apartment! Set up different candy stations in different areas of your home while playing the Monster Mash or other favorite kid friendly Halloween music! Follow this by a great kid friendly Halloween movie, and it’s a perfect night!

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Go On A Halloween Scavenger Hunt

If your neighborhood loves to decorate for Halloween, it will be fun to set up a Halloween scavenger hunt for your kids! First, do a loop around the block and find the buildings or townhouses that have the best spooky decor! Next, make a list of items for your kids to find and check off their list as you loop around a couple of blocks! For each item they find, when you’re home, you can give them a piece of candy or a treat!

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