Enjoy Shakespeare In The Park This Spring and Summer

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Shakespeare In The Park is one of New York’s most fun spring and summertime shows to attend! Who doesn’t want to enjoy a nice night in Central Park watching great performances put on by The Public Theater? And did we mention, its free! This spring be sure to get tickets to see Shakespeare in the Park, which starts on May 21st!

It’s origins

Shakespeare In The Park Show
Courtesy of www.publictheater.org

The Public Theater was founded by Jospeh Papp in 1954 with the goal to make theater available to all who want to view it! Joseph Papp wanted to make Shakespeare accessible! So beginning in 1954 he had free showings of Shakespeare shows on the lower east side. This quickly transitioned to free Shakespeare in the park. These shows were performed on the grass, and it caused a bit of a stir as the grass would be left torn up following each performance. So, in 1961 The Delacorte Theater was built in Central Park to provide a great space for Shakespeare In The Park. The first play put on was The Merchant of Venice in 1962! The Delacorte theater is not too far from Glenwood Upper East Side and Westside residents, but a great night for even Glenwood Downtown residents!

This year be sure to catch:

  • Much Ado About Nothing running from May 21st– June 23rd
  • Coriolanus running from July 16th– August 11th

To see specific show times click here!



Yes, It’s Free!

You heard that right, the plays are free! All you need to get tickets is a Public Theater Patron Id. Don’t have one yet? No worries, click here to sign up for one. Now that you have your pass, wondering how you actually get a ticket? These tickets are definitely in high demand so it can be a bit tricky to snag a ticket, but with persistence you will definitely be able to attend Shakespeare In The Park this summer!


How to get a ticket?

  1. In Central Park starting at 12pm the day of the show, line up to get your free ticket (people show up way before 12pm to start forming this line)
  2. Take a gamble online and enter the lottery via the app ticx today
  3. Attend the lottery at the public theater, which begins 12pm the day of the show. Be sure to show up by 11am to put your name in the lottery.
  4. In each of the five boroughs, there will be distribution points the day of the show, check the website to find out more info on where those will be!



Getting There

Night shot of shakespeare in the park performance
Courtesy of www.publictheater.org

The closest and most direct entrance to the Delacorte Theater is from the Westside at 81st Street and Central Park West, conveniently close to the Grand Tier. It can also be reached from 79th Street and Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side, which is very easy for Glenwood residents at The Marlowe.

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Make it a fun night!

If you are lucky enough to get a ticket to the show and want to make a great night out of it, check out these suggestions for dining close by!

  • Dinner at The Mark Hotel
    • If you are looking to have a nice meal, try Jean George’s restaurant at The Mark Hotel! Its located at 25 East 77th Street, a nice walk to on a nice evening from The Pavilion at 500 E 77thStreet!


  • Dinner at JG Melons
    • If you are looking for a quick and easy dinner spot, JG Melons is for you. Home to one of the best burgers around, this iconic burger joint will not disappoint! It is located at 1291 3rd close to Glenwood upper east side residents!


  • Dinner at Patsys on the Upper West Side
    • If you are looking for an great slice of pizza to complete your Shakespeare In The Park, Patsys 61 W 74th, is walking distance to the Delacorte Theater for your show! Easy for our westside Glenwood residents to enjoy before the show.


Which Shakespeare in the Park show are you looking forward to seeing this summer? We’d love to hear on Facebook and Twitter!

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