Previewing: Shakespeare In The Park

What’s playing at Shakespeare In The Park, you ask? Well, the beloved New York City tradition (and one of the best free things to do in NYC) returns this month to the open aired Delacorte Theater in Central Park from May 29th through June 24th, and then from July 17th through August 19th. The event, which  is free, is one of the most popular events in the city throughout the summer months. In anticipation of its heralded return, we created a guide of all you need to know below – from what’s playing to how to get tickets to getting there to what to bring, Glenwood has you covered!

Onlooking fans at Shakespeare In The Park

What’s Playing This Season

There will be two performances of Shakespeare in the Park for the 2018 season:

  • Othello – May 20th through June 24th,

  • Twelfth Night – July 17th through August 19th.

Othello is one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies, about a noble Black Venetian general whose marriage is sabotaged by theater’s most infamous villain, Iago. You’ll get tangled in the web of love, jealousy, race, and revenge in this famous drama. Twelfth Night is a Shakespearean comedy about a young heroine named Viola who washes up on the shores of Illyria, disguises herself as a man, is sent to court a countess, and falls in love with a Duke.

How To Get Tickets

Like most free things in New York City, there is a huge demand for free tickets of Shakespeare in the Park. The easiest way to guarantee tickets is to arrive to Central Park early. While the tickets aren’t distributed until noon on the day of the performance, Central Park opens to the public at 6am. So, bring a blanket, breakfast, a big bottle of water, and several magazines, books, and a charged cell phone. You’ll be waiting for a while, so make the most out of your time!

Each person waiting in line ages 5 and up may receive two tickets. It’s also important to note that anyone wishing to acquire free tickets must have a Public Theater Patron ID, which can be gotten for free via their website before you arrive.

If waiting in line for up to six hours isn’t your idea of a fun NYC day, there is another way to score tickets to Shakespeare in the Park. A donation of $500 to The Public Theater will reserve you two seats to the current season. Or, another NYC hack to getting tickets to this popular event (that will cost you a lot less than $500) is to hire someone from TaskRabbit to stand in line for you. This sort of task on the website typically goes for about $20 an hour, so it’s an easy way to score 2 tickets to a show for $120–less than a night out at Broadway!

View from the state of Shakespeare In The Park at Delacorte Theater

Getting There

The closest and most direct entrance to the Delacorte Theater is from the Westside at 81st Street and Central Park West, conveniently close to the Grand Tier. It can also be reached from 79th Street and Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side, which is very easy for Glenwood residents at The Marlowe.

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What To Bring + What To Know

Once you’ve secured your tickets, get excited for showtime! It’s important to note that even though the theater is open-air, umbrellas are absolutely not allowed to be open in case of rain. If the weather looks questionable, it would be wise to bring a poncho and rain hat to keep yourself as comfortable as possible, as shows are rarely canceled due to rain (unless it’s a severe storm, in which case the show is cancelled and tickets for that evening are voided, so take a peek at the weather the morning you’re getting tickets and plan accordingly.) If it’s a cool summer evening, consider bringing a light jacket or blanket for maximum comfort.

Food and drink is allowed to be brought into the theater, as long as nothing is in a glass container. There are vendors located right outside the theater as well, and food, drinks, and alcohol are available for purchase. Do note though, that bathroom lines get incredibly long during intermission, so it may be smart to sneak out a few minutes before the end of the first act so you skip the line.

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