Popular Kid-Friendly Attractions in NYC

A set of plastic containers shaped like ginger bread men for sand art at The Art Farm in NYC.
Photo Credit: The Art Farm

New York City has seen an increase of kid-friendly events and exhibits near Glenwood buildings lately, and we are inspired to share our very favorites! While it may seem like the city is a constant shuffle of yellow cabs, rushing commuters, and busy parks, it’s also one of the best places for kids and families to explore the hottest attractions for kids. We’ve rounded up our favorite kid-friendly attractions in Glenwood neighborhoods!

A set of back-to-school in NYC themed chocolate from Jacques Torres.
Photo Credit: Jacques Torres

Downtown Manhattan: The Chocolate Museum and Experience

Jacques Torres is a favorite of both adults and children alike, and for obvious (delicious!) reasons.

His chocolate is loved all over Manhattan, and recently opened a 5,000 foot museum in Downtown Manhattan dedicated to the history of chocolate that peaks the interest (and taste buds) of little New Yorkers across the island. The museum is called Choco-Story New York: The Chocolate Museum and Experience, and includes the following activities to keep young guests entertained:

  • A play area for children
  • Tons of chocolate samples
  • Hands on bon-bon making demonstrations
  • Cooking classes (for the older kids)
  • Cookie decorating classes (for the toddlers)

You can experience the museum on a self-guided tour, Wednesday through Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Tickets are timed and available for purchase on their website. Also, the museum is located near the Children’s Museum of the Arts, allowing you to do a twofer on the short trip from your apartment.

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Midtown Action at Gulliver’s Gate

Gulliver’s Gate is one West Side art exhibit that we promise adults will adore just as much as kids!

The exhibit creates mini worlds – tiny replicas of some of the very best places on earth. From the snowy Alps to the Arabian desert to our very own New York City, you’ll be able to explore the earth through miniature replicas, spanning five continents. If you have an upcoming trip, it’s the perfect way to get your kiddos excited about travel! The exhibit is nestled in the heart of Times Square, making it ideal for Glenwood West Side residents at Emerald Green and Crystal Green to visit.

A child petting a turtle at The Art Farm in NYC.
Photo Credit: The Art Farm

Fun on the Upper East Side: The Art Farm

If you’re looking to expose your little ones to the wonders of farm animals, but would rather not travel upstate for the opportunity, the Upper East Side’s Art Farm is just what you’re looking for. It’s the home to NYC’s only indoor petting zoo, allowing kids to pet and interact with small animals, such as chinchillas and chickens. It’s an ideal way to let children explore the natural world, even in our urban jungle of NYC.

Along with drop in time slots to play with the animals, you can enroll your child in more structured activities, such as classes in music, art, cooking, and animal care. The Art Farm is right around the corner from Glenwood residents living at The Andover, too!

Also, if you’re looking for an indoor place to hang with your kids this winter, check out NYC’s indoor atriums. Many of them have free performances and entertainment – win!

A young girl watching a live concert at the Children's Museum of Manhattan.
Photo Credit: Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Hot Spot on the Westside: The Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Located on the Upper West Side, The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is a child’s dream! With entire floors of fun catered to each age group – from pre-walkers to pre-teens, this spot is a treasure no matter what age your NYC kids are.

Along with having rotating exhibits and plenty of indoor play space where kids can run, jump, climb, play dress up, and make believe, the museum also offers daily activities that are included in admission, such as story times and chalk painting classes. And, if your child enjoys music and dancing, they’ll be thrilled to know that the entire bottom level of the museum is a giant dance studio with music, mirrors, costumes, props, and even disco lights – prompting them to let their creative spirits soar! Truly a gem close to Glenwood’s West Side properties.

A Local’s Tip: The Children’s Museum of Manhattan hosts Target Free First Friday Nights (the first Friday of every month), where admission is free for everyone from 5pm to 8pm. It’s a great time to check out the space, and then head across the street to Cafe Lalo for a sweet treat in the Upper West Side!

What places do you take your NYC kiddos? Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

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