Popular Gluten Free Dining in NYC

Three gluten free tacos on a white dish at The Little Beet Table in NYC.
The Little Beet Table

Whether you’re eating gluten free by necessity or by choice, New York City is arguably a gluten intolerant person’s dream when dining out. Not only are there specific restaurants near Glenwood apartments that cater to diets (even the drinks and desserts are gluten free!), but there’ss also a ton of GF options on menus at regular restaurants, too. Bon appetit!


Friedmans is casual comfort food central, and while it’s not exclusively GF, everything on the menu can be prepared GF! The staff is very knowledgeable about how they make each of their dishes, ensuring there’ss not cross contamination with gluten products into her food (as any celiac knows, this is essential when dining out!).  They have several locations throughout the city, and in fact their Hell’s Kitchen location is super close to two beautiful Glenwood residences, both the Emerald Green and Crystal Green.

Favorites here include the Spinach Artichoke Dip, Chicken Matzo Ball Soup, and Grilled Pastrami Reuben. They identify all GF items here by serving them on a square plate or by placing a flag into the item.

Four colorful drinks on a silver tray at The Little Beet Table in NYC.
The Little Beet Table

The Little Beet Table

If you’re searching for a restaurant where everything on the menu is fair game for your gluten restrictions, look no further than The Little Beet Table.

When getting together with friends or family who gluten-free dietary needs, this spot should always be on your radar! It’s a huge plus that the restaurant changes its menu often to keep with the seasons and fresh produce. Standout dishes from this season are the crispy skin branzino, mint and pea cavatelli, and salted chocolate cookies. It’s located on Park Avenue South in a beautiful and bright venue, perfect for a nice meal out – any time of the year!


A gluten free pizza in an open fire oven at Pizza Arte in NYC.
Pizza Arte


New York City is a pizza lover’s dream, but have you ever tried to get a decent gluten free pizza? It’s a lot harder to not only taste decent, but delicious! That’s why we have to give a special shout out to PizzArte.

Located in Midtown Manhattan, this upscale pizzeria standouts because their gluten free pies are so incredible… you can’t even tell the difference between a regularly-made pie! Each gluten free creation comes out with a little flag stuck into the crust, to ensure that it is, indeed, the right pie!

A menu favorite is the gluten free Quattro Formaggi, which is a personal pie topped with Gorgonzola Cheese, Caciocavallo, Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella, and Pecorino Romano.

PizzArte is about a 15 minute walk, or a short cab ride, from The Bristol and The Bamford, two of Glenwood’s luxury rental buildings.

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Good To Know

And a good rule of thumb is that any place serving sushi or Thai food is a-ok for gluten free folks, as well. As we all know, there’ss no shortage of eateries nearby Glenwood’s luxury apartments that fit the bill (just stay away from the soy sauce!) My sister’s parting words of advice are that if you’re eating out in a restaurant that is not 100% gluten free, be sure to specify to your server if you are a celiac to make sure that the chef is extra careful not to prep or cook something in the same area where gluten was used.

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