Online Educational Classes You Will Enjoy At Home

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If you are looking to be productive during this extended time at home, or if you have run out of all the Netflix and Hulu shows you planned on watching,  check out the different online classes available to you like Masterclass or Harvard Online Learning! Keep reading to learn more.




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Masterclass is a series of online classes in fields such as Film and TV, Culinary Arts, Writing, Music and Entertainment taught by the best like Anna Wintour, Gordon Ramsey, and Jane Goodall! There are over 80 of the most distinguished minds in their fields that provide incredible lessons, tips, and insight from topics like cooking from Wolfgang Puck to writing with Judy Blume. It is a subscription based service that is well worth the monthly charge!



A person taking notes during their online class

Harvard Online Learning

Harvard is offering online free classes, chose from differing course lengths, topics and difficulty. Learn about topics ranging from  Religion, Conflict and Peace to Citizen Politics in America and so many more! Check out!


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Coursera offers a multitude of classes from Universities such as Stanford and Yale! Whether you are interested in Food and Health or The Science Of Happiness- you will find a course that appeals to you! You can coordinate a course with a friend or family member to add a social component to the class! Now is such a great time to learn something new!

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