NYC Grocery Stores Open on Thanksgiving

A counter display of fall food items and ingredients at Zabar's.
Photo Credit: Zabar’s

It’s happened to the best of us. You’re in the middle of mashing potatoes and roasting a turkey – and you realize you’ve forgotten a few key ingredients to make your Thanksgiving meal at home one of a kind. Fear not! New York City is stocked with wonderful grocery stores that are open on Thanksgiving Day for all of your last minute (and forgotten!) purchases.

We scoped out grocery stores in neighborhoods where Glenwood has buildings, and given you a list of one store in each area where you can make those last minute supply runs on Thanksgiving Day.

Downtown: Whole Foods Tribeca

 If you’re a Glenwood resident living Downtown, Whole Foods Tribeca has got you covered. The massive grocery store stocks normal grocery essentials that would be needed on Thanksgiving Day (think: napkins, milk, canned pumpkin pie), but they are perhaps best known for their organic and beautiful selection of produce and prepared foods. Meaning that, if you totally forget all the fixings to whip together your grandmother’s famous green bean casserole, you can head to Whole Foods to get the ingredients, or just pick up pre-made green beans themselves, which are certain to be healthy and delicious.

The Details:

  • Whole Foods Tribeca – 270 Greenwich Street
  • Open: 7am to 4pm
A fresh slice of cheesecake from Morton Williams in NYC.
Photo Credit: Morton Williams

Midtown East: Morton Williams

Midtown East Glenwood residents can rejoice in their local Morton Williams being open on Thanksgiving, as not only is it the go-to grocery store of the neighborhood, but has been a family-owned and operated food retailer in New York since 1946. No better way to feel good about grocery store purchases than knowing you are “shopping small” on Thanksgiving, right?

Morton Williams has all the makings of a traditional grocery store, so is perfect for any last minute needs. However, they also have a great International Aisle, which features grocery products from countries all over the world–India, England, Turkey, Japan…the list goes on! It’s the perfect place to stock up on something special for adding a bit of cultural flair to your Thanksgiving Day table.

The Details:

  • Morton Williams – 908 Second Ave
  • Open: 12am to 6pm
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Upper East Side: Agata and Valentina

Residents of The Lucerne have perhaps the most convenient location for last minute Thanksgiving needs. Located on First Avenue and around the corner from the main entrance, is Agata and Valentina. Lucerne residents should be quite familiar with their high-quality products, and hand-made prepared foods. While not as large as some of the other stores on the list, their UES location carries over 7000 products, and they are sure to have what you’re looking for at the last minute. Plus you can run down and be back in the kitchen before your guests even notice you’ve left!

The Details:

  • 1505 First Avenue (in the base of The Lucerne)
  • Open: 8am to 4pm
A spread of fresh cheeses, pepperoni, crackers, and olives for Thanksgiving from Zabar's.
Photo Credit: Zabar’s

Upper West Side: Zabar’s

Glenwood residents living on the Westside know that Zabar’s is as much of a NYC institution as the Statue of Liberty herself. Perfect for picking up any last minute items, Zabar’s is also ideal for loading up on freshly baked bagels and lox for the morning after Thanksgiving–and if you ask anyone who has ever hosted a giant dinner party such as Thanksgiving, they’ll tell you that bringing items for breakfast the next morning is pretty much the perfect hostess gift. You can also pick up the iconic black and white cookies here for an easy Thanksgiving Day dessert!

The Details:

  • 2245 Broadway
  • Open: 8am to 5pm
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Upper East Side: Fairway

Upper East Side Glenwood residents will notice that many of the specialty grocery stores they typically flock to are closed on Thanksgiving, but thankfully the tried and true Fairway is open during its normal hours for Thanksgiving Day needs. All normal items are of course stocked, but Fairway will also be a lifesaver in feeding any folks with dietary restrictions coming to your table. With a huge selection of produce and specialty items, they are ready to feed vegetarians, vegans, dairy-free, gluten-free, and low-carb family members!

The Details:

  • Fairway – 240 East 86th Street
  • Open: 6am to 1am

If you’re just having too much fun socializing with your guests, watching the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade on TV, or putting dishes together in the kitchen, another easy option is to have Amazon Prime Now deliver those last minute items. Although they won’t have quite the selection as a brick-and-mortar grocery store, they’ll certainly have most all your canned good needs, eggs, or even to-go bags and tupperware to pack up food for your guests to bring home. And they’ll have it to your NYC apartment in an hour!

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