Your NYC Father’s Day Gift Guide

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If you haven’t looked at your calendar this week, take note that Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st. If your dad is anything like mine, a hand written card and a home cooked meal will do the trick. But dads deserve to be treated to something special on Father’s Day, right? With all dads in mind, from those right here in New York City to others across the country, we’ve got the inside scoop of gift options every father is sure to enjoy!

Men's Shaving accessories on wooden background including a razor, brush, and shaving cream

For The Dad Who Cherishes His Grooming Time

For that group of dads who are as meticulous about their morning shave as others are with their BBQing techniques, gifting your dad with a luxurious shaving kit will do the trick! We love the products available at The Art of Shaving. Not only are they high quality, long lasting, and well packaged, but they are also debuting the world’s first heated razor!



A camera, photoalbum, and photos laid out on blankets

For The Sentimental Dad

If your dad loves to remanence over old photos, crafting a personalized scrapbook is the perfect idea for Father’s Day. However, truth be told, not everyone is gifted in arts and crafts. Between sorting through photos, ordering prints, cutting, pasting, and captioning each, it can be exhausting!

To avoid this exhaustion and rather save your energy for Father’s Day festivities, consider gifting him a Chatbooks.

You simply download the app, create a free account, and as soon as you “favorite” 60 photos from your photo library, the app will create a beautiful, high quality photo album.  If you can keep a secret, my dad, father-in-law, and husband are all getting one of these for Father’s Day!

Chatbooks photo albums are perhaps the perfect Father’s Day gift for those dads who live far away. It’s a beautiful way for them to stay up to date on all the day-to-day family moments.



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For The Dad Who Loves Working Out

If your dad loves to exercise, you know his after workout recovery regiment is likely very serious (shakes, stretching, ect)!  So this year, consider getting him a father’s day gift that is perfect for the active dad! Consider the TB12 Vibrating Foam Roller (used by Tom Brady!)  Theragun Pro or Normatech Recovery Boots-both great for the recovery post workout!


For The Dad Who Loves Technology

If your father is always the first to know about the latest flat screen TV, best DSLR camera, or FitBit that tracks when you’re feeling stressed, consider checking out these gift guides! You are bound to find something he will love.



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For The Dad Who Loves To Cook

If your dad loves to be in the kitchen or manning the bbq, check out the below gift guides.

What are you planning to give your dad for Father’s Day? Share with us on Twitter and Facebook!

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