Last Minute Essentials For Back To School

Mother and daughter at a computer, virtually leaning at a desk with school supplies.


Many of our children will be attending school virtually this year. As your children will not be with their classmates daily, it is important to try to make the experience as fun as possible! As the back to school essentials may look different this year than previous years, we have rounded up some great supplies for at home learning!


A whiteboard on a yellow wall with colorful markers

Make Learning Fun!

In our Glenwood apartment, we converted our home office to be our zoom school room! Trying to make it fun for the kids, we ordered a large white board with fun colored markers. We let them help pick out the marker colors so that they could be part of the process, and a little extra excited when it arrived! (We haven’t used it yet, we are saving it for the first day of school!)


Chalkboard paint is also a very fun way to make a chalkboard wall for your kids!


Make an at home school chart! I ordered 24x 24 poster board and have made an at home chart, with a list of the days of the week and each subject. When the kids are done with the class they can get up and put a star next to the subject! (I wanted to find a fun way for the kids to get up from the computer in between classes to stretch their legs since they won’t be going from classroom to classroom this year!)




Colorful school supplies displayed on a white table, markers, paint, colored paper, scissors, erassers

School Supplies

Every school and every grade have different requirements for what constitutes as essential school supplies, especially if your child is virtually learning this year. The best way to make sure you don’t miss a thing is to acquire a list from your child’s school or teacher. Then, you can use it as a checklist to make sure everything is in order!

Tips: Chances are, a lot of the school supplies that your child used the previous year are still perfectly good (same goes for art and craft supplies you have laying around the house). Instead of buying all new, take stock of what’s already in your possession. Most likely, the box of crayons, scissors, compass, pencil sharpener, pens, and even quite a few pencils can withstand a second life. And what about those notebooks? If your child only wrote in a few pages of them, you can always rip those out and reuse the notebook. And while it’s always fun to get a new backpack and lunchbox (pending current character obsessions and trends), we promise those can also withstand another year of wear-and-tear!

For everything you don’t have at home, there are a few great options. Amazon has a “Back to School Essentials Supplies Kit Bundle K-8”, which contains basically all the essentials your child would need. Or, if you don’t mind leaving your Glenwood apartment to do a bit of shopping, Staples, Duane Reade, or any other type of office supply store will have what you need.


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Change Your Child’s Sleep Routine


This last one is probably the most essential of all. Children’s routines get changed around during the summer, whether from being on vacation with more lax bedtime rules, summer camp with different “lights out” policies, or just from enjoying the longer summer nights out in the city with mom and dad, away from their Tribeca Bridge Tower apartment. In the days leading up to school, make a point to enforce the same bedtime and waking time as they will have throughout the school year. 

Tip: Push your entire schedule up a bit–for example, if you usually have dinner at 6, have it at 5. This will automatically push up bathtime, storytime, and lights out time!

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