KAWS Exhibit At The Brooklyn Museum

KAWS sculpture in front of KAWS paintings

If you are a fan of art, you have likely heard of the artist KAWS. KAWS sculptures and artwork have been exploding in popularity the last few years. His iconic and easily recognizable pieces come in small figurines to enormous sculptures located on public display in cities around the work like Amsterdam. KAWS currently has a fantastic exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum. Keep reading to find out more.

Large KAWS sculpture grey figure holding pink figure


Brian Donnelly, professionally known as KAWS, was born in New Jersey in 1974. He attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City and even worked for a period of time for Jumbo Pictures where he worked on the background for the animated cartoon 101 Dalmatians. During this time, he also was experimenting with street art. He eventually came up with his signature “look” for his sculptures, which have distinctive X’s over the eyes. KAWS has been compared to the likes of Andy Warhol as he is able to create both the appeal of commercial and fine art in his pieces.

Large pink KAWS in front of a pink KAWS: WHAT PARTY background


KAWS, who has been living and working in Brooklyn for many years, now has a temporary exhibit running through September 5th 2021. You will be wowed by pieces small and large and see both painted works and sculptures. There are rare pieces that you would not have been able to see elsewhere. You can take a look at his sketch notebooks or stand beneath the towering wooding KAWS sculpture as you enter the museum. You’re entire experience is captivating if you are a fan of KAWS. Be sure to book tickets in advance as they are selling out quickly!

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Make A Day Out Of It

If you are traveling from a Glenwood uptown building, you should consider making a full day out of your museum visit! Next to the Brooklyn Museum you will find the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. After your visit to the KAWS: WHAT PARTY exhibit, take a beautiful walk through the Botanical Garden!

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