Jean-Michel Basquiat New Exhibit

A close up of one of Basquiat's paintings that is multicolored

The new Basquiat exhibit, Jean- Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure, is not to be missed if you are a fan of art or history! This exhibit displays his family’s personal collection and is beautifully arranged in a way that transports you to different period in Basquiat’s life. Keep reading to find out more.

Who Was Jean-Michel Basquiat

Basquiat was one of the most important artists to rise to fame during the 80’s along side familiar names such as already established Warhol and up and coming Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf. Basquiat born and raised in Park Slope Brooklyn, attended St Anne’s School which is a private school focused on the arts in Brooklyn. His mother would take him to museums and exposed him to art as a young child. Unfortunately, his mother fell ill to mental illness and was in and out of hospitalization, which greatly affected Basquiat. He started to explore his artistic side with graffiti and run with a crowd who would soon become the up and coming artists of his generation. Much of his work focuses on juxtapositions of emotions and inward vs outward self. There are notable reoccurring motifs that can be seen throughout his works. Basquiat had a piece exhibited at the Whitney Museum in NYC at the young age of 22! He passed away at 27 from an overdose. At a Sotheby’s auction in May of 2017, one of his pieces sold for $110 million USD- which set a new record high for an American artist.

A display of Basquiat's paintings in the art exhibit on th floor and leaning on the walls

The Exhibit

Jean- Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure is presented by his family. The works exhibited are the family’s personal collection, which feature 200 pieces-some of which have never before seen before. The exhibit takes you through a display of his childhood home, to his up and coming days and to his disco loving nights out on the town! King Pleasure is the name of one of Basquiat’s works from 1987, King Pleasure was a bartender turned Jazz musician who’s music Jean-Michel and his father enjoyed. This show is definitely worth seeing, be sure to buy tickets in advance. Click here for tickets to the exhibit.

A large canvas of Basquiat's work

Make A Day Out Of The Exhibit

The exhibit is located at Starrett Lehigh 601 W 26th Street. This is closest to Glenwood’s downtown buildings. There are numerous restaurants in the Chelsea area close by if you wanted to have lunch or dinner before or after seeing the show! On Netflix, The Andy Warhol Diaries documentary has just been released- it chronicles Warhol’s life and relationship with Basquiat is very prominent in the docu-series. I highly recommend watching it before visiting the exhibit!

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