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Kimt's works projected on walls of a building the art exhibit
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There is a fantastic, immersive art exhibit coming to NYC this fall featuring renowned artist Gustav Klimt. This exhibit featuring 30 foot projections on walls will be enjoyed by experienced and novel art lovers! Glenwood residents should be sure to check this out! Keep reading to find out more.

History Of The Artist

Gustav Klimt born 1862 was an Austrian artist who was known for using golf leaf in his works. He used many other mediums in his work, but gained attention with the use of his recognizable golf leaf. There is a fantastic movie staring Helen Miran about one of Klimt’s work that was seized by Nazis, Women in Gold. When the pieces were reclaimed they sold for $325 Million in 2006 by Christie’s auction house in NYC.

Klimt exhibit his works projected on walls
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About The Exhibit

The exhibit is in the Hall des Lumiérs (49 Chambers Street) which previously was the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank, a beautiful landmarked building.

The exhibit opens September 14th – be sure to get tickets in advance. (Tickets are already on sale!) Once you step inside, you will be wowed by 150 projectors casting 30 foot tall images throughout the space. You will not want to miss this fully immersive experience!

side view of the emigrant industrial savings bank building
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The history of this building is fascinating and from the website is as follows:


“In the middle of the 19th century, Ireland suffered the Great Famine. New York became the home of the majority of the Irish seeking a better life. The Irish Emigrant Society, a charitable organization focused on assisting immigrants, inaugurated the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank in 1850 to protect the funds of Irish immigrants.”


“The Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank Building at 49 Chambers Street was the first skyscraper in New York City in the Beaux-Arts style, designed by Raymond F. Almirall. At 187 feet tall (57 meters) and 14 stories high, Almirall chose an H-shaped plan, which allows natural light to flood the rooms and from the outside gives the impression of a mirrored pair of towers.”


“Culturespaces, the European creator and manager behind the critically acclaimed ‘Atelier Des Lumières’ in Paris, announced a partnership with IMG, a global leader in events, media, fashion and sport, to create, open and run the Hall des Lumières digital art center in New York from the historic 49 Chambers Street.”


“The global architecture studio Woods Bagot, Culturespaces and IMG begin the retoration process for the bank hall.”


“Hall des Lumières is opening on September 14, 2022 with the inaugural exhibition Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion.

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