Guide To NYC Water Sports

The water surrounding the magnificent island of Manhattan is quite a sight, but can be an even bigger adventure! There are so many wonderful opportunities New Yorkers have to get out on the water, from kayaking and scuba diving to paddleboarding and jet skiing! Below, we walk you through some of the exciting aqua opportunities to slot into your calendar before summer is over.

Manhattan Kayak
Manhattan Kayak


A true summertime staple, kayaking in NYC is a must for two reasons. First, it allows you to peacefully view the NYC skyline from the cool comfort of the Hudson or East Rivers. And second, there’ss countless opportunities to kayak for absolutely free in NYC! Last summer we rounded up 10 places to kayak for free in NYC, which is the perfect list to consult if you’re looking for a way to do this fun summertime sport gratis! However, if you’re looking for more advanced excursions after you learn the basis, check out Manhattan Kayak, which offers trips ranging from a Palisades Picnic, where you will paddle the kayaks north on the Hudson River past the George Washington Bridge, get out on quaint secret beach and have lunch on the lawn. Or, try the Governors Island Landing trip which brings you to the island to soak in festivities such as music, art, and food for an hour, before heading back to the Westside of Manhattan.

Scuba New York
Scuba New York

Scuba Diving

Sure, you’ve seen plenty of rivers and oceans from above, but what about from below?! Now you can with Adventure Scuba! In addition to basic scuba classes, they also have courses in snorkeling, adventure diving (diving at night, wrecks, underwater photography, etc.), enriched air diving, rescue diving, and more! Classes consist of an online learning component (12-15 hours of spoken word, text and video learning), followed by pool training (at nearby Asphalt Green), and open water dives. Plus they have equipment for sale or rent (and do repairs), and offer trips both domestically and international!

Once certified, you’ll be able to bring your new set of scuba skills on vacations and waters around the world–imagine the possibilities!

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Manhattan Kayak doesn’t just offer kayaking, but also stand up paddleboarding! They have classes available for all levels, whether you’re just starting out, are a seasoned pro, or land somewhere in the middle. Once you master the basics, you’ll be eligible to go on trips with them around Manhattan to test out your new skills! From a Secret Beach Escape, which will have you crossing the Hudson River to a delightful hidden sandy beach to take in an amazing NYC view, to the Sushi Trip, which will have you paddling north to Edgewater, slip on casual wear, then explore Little Japan and eat, there’ss truly something to get everyone exploring NYC by water!

The school itself is located at Pier 84 Boathouse at 44th Street in Manhattan, making this the perfect outdoor spot for Glenwood Westside residents, particularly those living at Emerald Green and Crystal Green.

Sea the City Jet Ski
Sea the City

Jet Skiing

If you’re looking for a new way to experience New York, look no further than a jet ski tour! Ranging from New York Harbor tours that last one hour and are a great way to see Downtown NYC, to longer 2.5 hour tours that circle the entire island of Manhattan (how cool is that?!), tours with Sea the City are both fun and unique, and promise to keep you cool throughout!

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