Guide to NYC Fashion Week 2019

New York City’s Fashion Week is one of the city’s most exciting annual events, and it’s taking place this month! The women’s shows are scheduled February 7th through 15thand the men’s shows are February 4th through 6th.  To see the full show schedule, click here.  While many of the shows are invitation only that cater mainly to industry members, we have done our research and have found ways to make sure you can be a part of this fun week too!

Attending a Fashion Show

Believe it or not, there are shows open to the public! If you want to check these out, see the full lineup of shows available to the public here. The list currently has shows listed, and it will continue to show more until the begging on fashion week so make sure you keep checking it! If you find a show you are interested in, make sure that you RSVP to secure your ticket!

As you may notice, the shows available are not the most popular designers (like Zimmerman or Ralph Lauren), but, the shows that you will have access to are the up-and-coming designers that also have their perks! You never know when one of these new brands takes off!

Shows take place all over Manhattan, with the large majority happening Downtownor Midtown, making it very convenient for Glenwood residents of Liberty Plazaand The Bamford to attend.


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What Should You Wear?

New York City Fashion Week is the time to pull out your best couture and rock the trends you have been dying to try out all season long! In fact, the more stylish you are, the greater chances you’ll have to be stopped by a street photographer outside the shows! Who knows, maybe you will even make it onto a fashion blog.



Tips If You Are Attending A Show

Below are a couple of tips to make sure you have a great time!

1. Bring a pair of flats to change into after the show!

We all want to show off our newest shoes at fashion week! Isn’t that what this week is for! We also know how uncomfortable most shoes can be! So, pack a pair of flats in your bag and change into them right after the show! That way, if you want to walk around the neighborhood after the show, you can do so in comfort! Flats from Tieks are great, and fashionable, options. Some flats even roll up and are meant to be carried inside your purse.

2. Make a night out of your fashion show! Check out these tips to make a great dinner reservation!

Many of the shows that are open to the public are in the early evening. After spending all of the effort of putting together a fabulous outfit, you will likely want to go out to dinner to show it off! Using reservation apps on your phone like OpenTable and Resy are great ways to not only secure a great dinner reservation but also to find out the new, hot spots in the neighborhood the fashion show you are attending is in!

3. Don’t forget your photo ID! 

The fashion shows take their guest lists very seriously! Tickets are hard to come by, so make sure that you don’t forget your photo id at home!

4. #NYFW

While at fashion week events, you will notice that many people are constantly on their phone! Get in on the social media fun by hash tagging your photos (#NYFW), your location, and the designer. You’ll not only leave your mark (and your Instagram handle) in your fabulous outfit, but you’ll be able to connect with others who are Instagramming the shows, as well.


What show are you planning to attend this season? Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

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