Fun Games To Play At Home

While we are spending all of our times social distancing at home, it is important to come up with fun ways to pass the time. If you have a favorite game from childhood, it’s time to teach your kids! Looking for some suggestions? Check out our recommendations below.

A corner of the Monopoly game board

Monopoly Deal

If you grew up playing Monopoly with your family- you likely either have a love or hate relationship with the game. If you are looking for an abbreviated version of the game, you are in luck! There is a 20 minute card version that we highly recommend! My family has played it every night for the passed 2 weeks after dinner for hours. It can be played 2-6 people and doesn’t get boring!



If you are into spy type games- this one’s for you! This game is best played with 4 or more people, which is great if you are staying at home with your entire family. The premise is that there are two teams, each with a spymaster who will provide you with clues to guess specific key words. When you guess a keyword, you reveal the identity of a spy on the opposing team!  This game is fun for the entire family or if you are at home with your college aged kids!


The TikTok app on a phone


TikTok has become a huge hit during this stay at home period. It is an social media app that you can download on your phone to create short dances to songs. Many songs have specific dances that you can learn by watching others preform them. Practice with your whole family and post your version of the dance! Many TikTok videos feature entire families who are quarantined together from parents to grandparents! This is a fun way to spend time and burn off some of that cabin fever!


The word clue in a magnifying glass


An oldie but a goodie! Clue-a murder mystery whodunnit board game- never disappoints! Plus, there is a movie you can watch after or before you play to add to the experience!


Card suites red and black in two rows


If you like to play the card game gin rummy- you would like the card game Canasta! You will have to look up the rules online, but essentially it is a parter game (4 people need to play) that expands Gin Rummy with more complex rules. The full game takes about 90 minutes to complete- so a great way to pass time at home! It is a little complex, so this game is better for older kids to join in on.


This is a tile game that encompasses elements of rummy and mahjong. The point is to use all of your tiles before your opponents due!  They have online versions of this game so that you can play against others! Check the app store on your phone!



If you are a fan of scrabble- you will definitely enjoy Bananagram! You get letter tiles and try to use them to spell out words without any sort of game board! Simple and easy fun- it is a perfect game for kids or adults!

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