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Residents of Glenwood’s Upper East Side and Downtown buildings will be pleased to know The Craft Studio now has two locations. The Craft Studio is a great place for kids to unwind after school, to hold birthday parties, and the perfect option for rainy day play dates. We have the scoop for you, below!

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What is The Craft Studio?

The Craft Studio is essentially an arts and crafts studio for NYC kids (and their adults!) It’s the perfect place to go to let your little New Yorker’s imaginations run wild and free. They thrive on providing a welcoming, safe, and most of all fun environment, which encourages both children and adults to be creative. Owner Lindsey Peers states, “…whether our guests are buying a beautifully wrapped gift, coming in for candy, dropping in for walk-in painting, hosting one of our famous birthday parties, having us in their home for a to-go event, or attending one of our workshops or classes…. they will leave with a giant smile and feel the TLC and wonderful touch that is uniquely The Craft Studio.

The Craft Studio focuses on several different ways to get involved: classes and events, walk-ins, and parties!

Close-up of art supplies including pencils, scissors, and paint brushes

Classes and Workshops

Catering to all the families in both the Upper East Side and Tribeca, The Craft Studio gives plenty of ways for children to be involved in enrichment activities. Both studios have full calendars on their website, but things you can expect to see are Toddler Art classes held during the weekdays (before naptime!), Family Art Parties held on the weekends, and Mom’s Night Out held on Friday evenings! The great thing about these classes is that you can either purchase a pack, or just do drop-in when it’s suitable to your child’s schedule. No pressure either way!

In addition to the regularly scheduled classes, The Craft Studio also offers seasonal events, which let children and adults focus on holiday specific crafts. Anyone up for crafting a “Famous Haunted Chocolate House” this Halloween?!

Over-the-shoulder view of woman completing craft project


If you find yourself with an afternoon to fill, you’ll be delighted to know that The Craft Studio offers walk-in art time, too! So no need to schedule strictly around class times. While classes are more guided, walk-ins let you be free with your creativity to do whatever your heart desires. As long as there are no scheduled parties, the paint and craft tables are open seven days a week! From wood to canvas to hoodies to ceramic trinkets and vases, there’ss no limit to the amount of things you can paint. Prices for walk-in crafts start at $18.95.

Party scene with lit up 'Party' sign


New York City parents are always on the look-out for a place to host their child’s birthday, and The Craft Studio is the perfect solution! Parties are focused on ages, and range from age 3 to age 8 in terms of what kinds of crafts and activities are done. From slipper decorating for a sleepover to puppet making for toddlers, there’ss something for every interest and age. Simply tell the staff what your child’s current interests are and they will put together something fabulous! All the basics are included in the party package, including an ice cream cake, face painting, dancing, gift bags, balloons, and even coffee for the adults! They make it easy breezy for everyone involved…all you need to do is send out the invites and show up!

Besides the classes, drop-ins, and parties, The Craft Studio is a fantastic place to go to get inspired, and then to bring home crafting supplies to your own Glenwood building, be it Downtown’s Tribeca Bridge Tower or Uptown’s The Barclay. You can continue the fun from your own living room!

Also, be sure to check out these popular kid-friendly attractions in NYC, for more inspiration!

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