Double Date Ideas For New Yorkers

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Living in NYC, we’re lucky that double dates don’t have to be confined to “dinner and a movie”- there’s so much good stuff out there to see and enjoy, and doing them with your favorite couple elevates the experience to a new level! Here’s 5 ideas to get your creative juices flowing when it’s your turn to plan the next double date.

1. For The Casual Athletes: Drinks + Bowling

If you’ve transferred to NYC from the suburbs, chances are you have memories of your small town local bowling ally. Whether it’s where you hung out on Friday nights during middle school (or where you tried to avoid at all costs during high school!), Manhattan has the cool version of allies waiting for your next double date. Lucky Strike is a favorite casual date night spot and place to hang with a group of friends. Get a load of what the space offers:

  • 26 lanes
  • 11 pool tables
  • Live music in a lounge-like atmosphere
  • Delicious food and cocktails
  • A central location (hello, 42nd Street!)

We love that you can make a reservation right on their website, securing your lane!

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2. For the Culture Enthusiasts: An Edgy Museum Tour

When you hear the words “museum tour”, a double date probably doesn’t pop into your mind unless you’re of the 70 and older camp.

But… That’s only because you haven’t done a tour with Museum Hack yet! Coining themselves with the phrase “This isn’t your Grandma’s museum tour”, you can be sure of that. With names like “Badass Bitches of the MET”, “Big Gay MET”, and the “Un-Highlights Tour of the American Museum of Natural History,” these nights are filled with lots of laughs, lots of wine, and lots of memories for the perfect double date.

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3. For The Aspiring Artists: BYOB + Paint Night

For the couples hoping to bring out their inner-Picasso, look no further than the paint studio Paint Along. The studio hosts classes led by art instructors, where you’ll get step by step instruction on how to recreate a famous painting – as you see it!

But what fun would painting be if you didn’t pair a little wine with it? Talk about enhancing creativity! BYOB or BYOW, and everyone will leave with a 16 x 20 canvas piece of art after the 2 hour class. Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, you’ll be shocked at how the studio’s guidance will help you produce something that actually looks like the real thing… So don’t let fear stop you from signing up!

4. For The Budding Musicians: Private Room Karaoke

While karaoke bars exist in most towns across America, NYC has something special to offer double daters: your very own room! At Karaoke Duet, you and your better halves take turns passing the mic as you belt out favorite songs all night long! This eliminates sitting around waiting for your turn to head on stage – this is a two couple show, my friends!

The song variety is SO good, too. Sing your heart out to nearly 10 languages, including:

  • 20,000 English songs
  • 88,000 Japanese beats
  • 8,200 Chinese tunes
  • 27,000 Korean songs
  • 700 Vietnamese favorites
  • 3,000 upbeat Latin tracks
  • 1,100 Filipino songs
  • 1,100 Indonesian tunes

Another huge and money saving perk about Karaoke Duet is that you can bring own food (or order their tasty snacks, if you’d like!) However, this doesn’t apply to alcohol! They also offer a Happy Hour – where duets can sign up for a flat rate plan, “Karaoke Marathon,” opening through 8 pm, and are invited to stay a maximum 7 hours.

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5. For Hip Hop Lovers: Hip Hop Yoga + Brunch

Don’t think yoga is the best candidate for a double date? Think again! An upbeat hip hop yoga class at Y7 Studio mixes the best of both with beat bumpin’, seat drippin’ and glowing candlelight in. (Of course brunch is a must on the weekends). Biggie and brunch? Two, please!

What’s your favorite double date you’ve had in NYC? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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