Courtyard Gardens: Secret New York Gardens

Courtyard gardens in full bloom at Gracie Point's Hampton Court New York City.

In a city of eight million people–and, in the case of New York, eight million super-savvy people always on the lookout for something new and special–knowing about, and having access to, a secret anything is as rare as it is exciting. That's why when Business Insider recently chose its list of New York Courtyard Gardens, we here at team Glenwood were pleased that they included the lovely hidden courtyard at Gracie Point's luxury rental building Hampton Court… but we are also a little, like: yeah, we know. And now so does everyone else. 

The secret courtyard garden at Hampton Court is completely enclosed, sheltered from the noise and the eyes of the street (not that the streets up here on First Avenue aren't nice and quiet already, but still…), so residents of the building can really get the sense of escape, and seclusion, when they wander the flower-lined path and or sit for a bit and read and relax. And while some of the other outdoor spaces on the Business Insider Secret City Gardens list are quite nice, we'd like to point out that Glenwood's Hampton Court is the only rental building with a genuine flowering garden on the list. Just saying.   

Three Dancing Maidens bronze fountain in Central Park's Conservatory Garden in New York.

Oh and don't forget the always stunningly under-visited "secret garden" in that most public of New York City places, the great Central Park: the Conservatory Garden, just off upper Fifth Avenue on 105th Street and one of the most lovely and peaceful spots in all of Manhattan. More information about the Central Park Conservatory Garden here


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