National Bike Month Events in NYC

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Hey Glenwood residents, Bike Month is here! May is a special month when Transportation Alternatives challenges New Yorkers to swap their normal commuting routine and cycle to work. With Citi Bikes on almost every block, over 250 miles of new bicycle lanes, and the hellacious winter behind us, May truly is “the most cycling-friendly time of year”! Here’s a handful of events and ideas to keep your wheels spinning. Even if you’re not a biker, join the fun and pedal as much as you can!

CycloFemme – May 13th

What is CyloFemme? Well, the idea is simple. Each year on Mother’s Day, self-led bike rides happen all around to celebrate the past, present and future of female cyclists.

In communities all across the country, from large cities to small towns, CycloeFemme is organized to build strength and courage, empower freedom and choice, and to encourage positive change. The group partners with World Bicycle Relief, who provides bikes to girls in Zambia to ease their travel routes to school and continued education.

A man and woman riding bikes in Central Park in NYC.
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National Bike to Work Day – May 18th

Join the spinning movement that started it all! Ditch your normal subway or cab route on Friday, May 18th and bike to work from your Barclay Tower apartment. The event encourages bikers across Manhattan, and the entire country, to get more exercise, emit fewer fumes, and to save frustration by beating the daily commuting traffic.

Good to Know: If you don’t own a bike yourself, fear not! There are a ton of Citi Bike locations throughout Manhattan for hourly and daily use.

Gran Fondo – May 20th

Cycling athletes, here’s your chance to become a cycling pro on May 20th for the Annual Gran Fondo in New York. There are two races you can partake in:

  1. The GFNY Bear 50 Mile
  2. The GFNY 100 Mile (includes return to Fort Lee, NJ)

The 50 Mile GFNY Bear will just be a friendly ride from NYC to Bear Mountain, but it’s also not for the faint-hearted! The challenging 100-Mile race is presented as a personal endurance challenge. Needless to say, you’ll have to be extremely prepared and conditioned. Both of these events are recommended for the seasoned cyclist, looking to explore bike paths outside of Manhattan!

A row of blue Citi Bikes in NYC available for rent.
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Bike Home From Work Party  – June 1st

What’s the best way to properly close National Bike Month in NYC? Well, with an after-work party, of course! On June 1st, bikers from across the city are invited to attend the Bike Home From Work Party, running from 7pm-10pm at Brooklyn Brewery.

The event is free, and there’ll be tons of cool stuff like:

  • #BikeNYC Loft with local frame builders, bicycle print video show and video installation
  • Food and drinks, including Brooklyn Flea vendors, Brooklyn Brewery suds and samples galore
  • Pop-up shops with gear and demos
  • DJ and a fun photobooth

Residents of Glenwood’s apartments in Midtown East are encouraged to cycle over the Brooklyn Bridge and bring their helmet hair!

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Family-Friendly Options

Whether your family is on two cycle wheels or four, there are plenty of ways to celebrate National Bike Month in NYC that don’t include marathons. Residents of Emerald Green and The Encore in the West Side of Manhattan are perfectly located near Central Park – a biking haven! There are more than enough paved paths for your urban explorer to pedal down with ease. Afterwards, pick a spot to throw down your kickstand and have a family picnic.

Which bike tour or special event appeals to you this month? Share your favorite routes with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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