The Best Chocolate Shops In NYC

A heart shaped box of chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat with a written love letter.
Photo Credit: La Maison du Chocolat

Along with being the month of the sweetest holiday (which happens to be this coming Tuesday!), February is home to many chocolate specific celebrations. Not only do we have plenty of days to Instagram your chocolate findings, but we just so happen to live in a city where world-class chocolatiers stir their magic! These holidays will give you more than one reasons to check out NYC’s best chocolate shops.

2/1 – National Dark Chocolate Day

2/5 – World Nutella Day

2/10 – National ‘Have a Brownie’ Day

2/11 – National Peppermint Patty Day

2/14 – Valentine’s Day AND National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day

2/19 – National Chocolate Mint Day

2/25 – National Chocolate Covered Peanuts Day

2/27 – National Chocolate Cake Day

Is anyone else craving a little something chocolate?! With that being said, we took the liberty to round up five favorite chocolate shops in NYC, which will leave you prepared to celebrate all of the above!

Red boxes of La Maison du Chocolat chocolate sitting on a table neat fresh flowers and wine glasses.
Photo Credit: La Maison du Chocolat

For French Chocolate Lovers: La Maison du Chocolat

Sometimes classic and timeless says it best – which is why you’ll love La Maison du Chocolat. Avoid getting your Valentine a traditional heart-shaped chocolate box at your local drugstore, and give sweet, delicate chocolates wrapped in rich colors. We’re completely loving their “Stolen Moments” collection this season, which is a box featuring Parisian sensory experiences, such as: a morning espresso, a bouquet of flowers, a secret Paris rendezvous hidden from view, and a nightcap of a chic cocktail.

For An Intimate Chocolate Date: Tache Artisan Chocolate

I first heard of Tache Artisan Chocolate when attending one of their intimate afternoon teas, featuring chocolate! I was particularly smitten with how pretty their pieces were, some sprinkled with golden glitter, others with intricate colored designs. Nestled in the Lower East Side, Tache is a perfect spot to not only pick up a treat for your Valentine, but also to take them on a date. Besides the afternoon teas, they also feature an array of chocolate making classes, and you can rent out the space for a special chocolate-themed gathering.

Chocolate bars from Fine and Raw in New York City with red, white, and gold wrapping paper.
Photo Credit: Fine and Raw

For Raw Chocolate: Fine and Raw

If you’re on the “raw food” bandwagon, Fine & Raw is probably the only place you’ll want to get your chocolates from this year.

The Brooklyn based company are specialists in the art of raw chocolate, which is basically chocolate made without roasting cocoa beans. “Why in the world would I want to eat that?” you may ask. Well, raw chocolate is high in health benefits, provides loads of antioxidants, and still tastes really delicious. Not to mention, they wrap their goodies up in beautiful, minimalist brown paper packaging tied up with string. You can be sure your Valentine would be delighted to get a box, all while supporting a local small business!

For Chocolate Bon Bons: Bond Street Chocolate

Maybe it’s just the way it sounds bouncing off your tongue, but bon bons always evoke such a sense of happiness, right? That’s why we can’t get enough of Bond Street Chocolate, featuring flavors such as elder flower liquor, tequila, and earl grey tea (along with your more traditional chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, of course!).

The East Village Shop is a true treat to visit, with exposed brick walls and divine “golden” chocolates, you feel almost like you’re visiting a little trinket shop, selling all kinds of delectable gems.

Chocolate bars from Mast Brothers in New York City with pink and black wrapping paper with heart prints.
Photo Credit: Mast Brothers

For Design Lovers: Mast Brothers

Whenever I splurge on a Mast Brothers chocolate bar, it’s not so much for what’s on the inside, but on the outside. I know this sounds so superficial, but their wrapping is absolutely gorgeous, and totally worthy of a special display in your NYC kitchen! Don’t get me wrong, the chocolate is fabulous too! With unique flavors such as sheep’s milk, smoked chocolate, and olive oil, splurging on a bar is a treat for all your senses. Also, surprise your Valentine with a tour of their Brooklyn factory, which will teach all the ends and outs of chocolate making for only $10.


Where will you celebrate all the chocolate events happening this month? Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and give us the scoop!

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