Just In Time For Beach Season: Four Great NYC Bootcamp Workouts

Maybe you were fortunate enough to go somewhere warm and ocean-ish for spring break just recently, but for me its been way too long since I last felt the sun on my back, the sand on my feet, the thrill of body surfing those waves all the way in. Yup, we have about six weeks until beach season begins again in earnest here on the East Coast, so now’s maybe the time to get serious about getting this body of mine back into something that even vaguely resembles “good shape.” There are of course dozens of exercise programs and/or diets and/or cleanses that your friends and acquaintances will swear by, but one of the most popular quick fixes, looks-wise, that also provides long-term health benefits, is the bootcamp workout. There are tons of classes all over town these days where you put yourself through one of these highly effective (but brutal!) burn fat/build muscle/increase endurance fitness regimes, but here are four suggestions to get you started.


PNT Fitness in Long Island City

Tara Faye’s “Insane Kickbox Camp” combines the high intensity intervals of cardio kickboxing with the muscle building power of traditional bootcamp tricks and maneuvers. Designed to tighten your entire body and make you sweat–an excellent music mix helps make the whole thing actually fun, too–Faye’s version of the traditional Bootcamp class is just one of the hugely popular offerings at her PNT Fitness facility. Located at 10-68 Jackson Avenue in Long Island City, steps from the 7 train’s Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue stop. More info can be found here.


80/20 Wellness

For a different spin on the bootcamp regimen, there’s Lauren Gould’s 80/20 Wellness, a corporate-health outfit with the disarmingly casual (and appealing!) slogan of “Mostly Healthy, Most of the Time”. Gould and her team offer a variety of group classes and such that employers can offer their employees, but 80/20 Wellness also does a Spring and Summer Bootcamp special, which they hold outdoors in whatever outdoor space is most convenient for you. Each session is as punishing (or not) as you want it to be, and offers a different workout combining “plyometrics, calisthenics, resistance training, sports drills, cardiovascular training (running, sprinting, stair and hill climbing) speed and agility (balance and coordination) partner workouts, and stretching.” I’ve seen these guys in action, and they are pros. More information can be found here.


Circuit of Change

If your prefer to do your sweating in the privacy of your own home–and, especially, if you want a “surge of positive vibes” to go with that getting-hotter-every-day new body of yours–check out Brian Delmonico’s MInd Body Bootcamp, available for digital download in four different 30-minute workouts. Delmonico brings together elements of yoga, gymnastics, martial arts, plymoetrics and meditation for an experience that, in the words of Well & Good NYC, makes you “feel both the muscle fatigue of a tough workout and a post-savasana sense of calm.” More information and download details can be found here.


Barry’s Bootcamp

Finally, and maybe the most famous of them all, is Barry’s Bootcamp, which has been packing in celebrities, models, athletes, and, uh, regular folks to high-end facilities all over the world since 1988. There are three Barry’s in NYC–in Chelsea, Tribeca, and Noho–and the 60-minute workouts combine hard-core cardiovascular treadmill routines with strength training via free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls and other equipment. Barry’s claims that you’ll burn 1,000 calories reach session (and, thanks to thumping music and enthusiastic trainers, have fun while doing so) but no matter what, for losing weight and building muscle in a hurry, this might be the way to go. More information can be found here.

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