5 Tips for Getting Back to School Ready

A table full of school supplies for the upcoming year including colored pencils, rainbow paper clips and thumb tacks, a red stapler, and white lined notebook paper.
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As summer vacation comes to a close, now is the time to start prepping for back to school. If your child goes to a NYC Public School, the first day back is September 8th… That’s next Thursday already! Here are a few tips to make the transition from summer to school as smooth as possible.

Get Use to Waking Up Early

It’s quite an adjustment to get up and moving early in the mornings after sleeping in all summer long. This can be especially tough on your little ones. In order to ease into this new (and early) morning routine, consider setting your alarm a bit early the week before school starts. For example, set day 1 for 8am, day 2 at 7:30am, day 3 7am, and so on. This will help your kids (and yourself!) gradually wake up early and be wide eyed and bushy tailed by the time September 8th rolls around.

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Wait for the Supply List

We’ve learned from experience that no two elementary school classrooms are exactly alike, including the supplies each teacher requests students to come prepared with. While the curriculum may be the same across classrooms, teachers have their own way and style of meeting these goals. Some prefer composition books for taking notes in every single subject, while others prefer binders with loose leaf paper. From strict “number 2 pencils only” policies to encouraging creativity with colorful pens, you can pick up supplies at Ivy League Stationers on 116th Street in the Upper West Side. Since the requests vary each year, it’s best to have your child get a supply list before you start shopping!

A collage of fun and colorful school supplies for kids including bright highlighters, rainbow erasers, green lunchboxes, and striped notebooks.
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Prep for School the Night Before

Whether your child is entering Kindergarten or finishing senior year, getting everyone ready for their day the night before is an excellent habit. Mornings can get hectic as everyone scurries out the door, so to ease this, practice the following:

Lay out an outfit for the next day (including all the extras, like shoes, socks, and accessories)

Pack your lunch and snacks the night before

Keep your bag with essentials such as keys, wallet, and Metrocard ready and by the door

If you do this for every member in your household, including yourself, your morning routine will help get everyone out the door and where they need to be. Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store in Brooklyn is stocked up with colorful lunch boxes and backpacks to help your kids stay organized, prepared, and ready for the day ahead!

Update Your Calendar with Your Child’s School Calendar

The 2016-17 school year calendar for public schools is available online to help you stay on top of religious holidays, seasonal school breaks, and parent teacher nights. Take a peek now to update your own calendar and save yourself a headache when you need a last minute sitter or day program. Do you need to take off work to be home with the kids? Maybe you want to take advantage of breaks and plan a mid-year family getaway. Whatever the case may be, you’ll be happy you planned ahead!

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Get a Sports Physical Before the Season Starts

If you’ve been to a pediatrician’s office around the start of the school year, it’s clear to see this is a busy time for checkups and physicals. Some schools post notes reminding parents to schedule a physical for their child in advanced if he/she plans on playing an extra curricular sport. In a city as busy as New York, it’s smart to think ahead and get this done early in the year. Does your child have an interest in trying out for basketball in the winter or baseball in the spring? Go ahead and schedule the physical now so you’re ready when tryouts roll around!

What are your tried-and-true back to school tips? Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and let us know!

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