A Week-By-Week Moving Timeline

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Word on the street is that you’ve finally decided now is the time to pick up and pack up your current housing situation and transition over to New York City’s apartment living! From scoping out popular neighborhoods, searching for a luxury apartment, and moving all of your belongings from point A to point B, the clock starts ticking – and it’s moving in a New York minute. We’re created this week-by-week moving checklist to help keep you on schedule – without missing a beat!

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Hunting for an Apartment at a Distance?

Glenwood has just the guide to help you get your bearings - especially when moving to a luxury apartment in New York City!

The Apartment Hunting Phase

There’s a lot to be excited about when moving to a new apartment – you’re looking forward to having a space of your own, decorating  it as you please, making new friends to explore the city with, and starting a new chapter in your life as a New Yorker! But before you jump into the famous yellow cabs or jog around Central Park, you need to first find an apartment!If you haven’t already seen our post on The Stages of Apartment Hunting in NYC, it’s worth the read, and here are the best tips to take away and keep in mind as your hunt begins:

  • Know what your realistic budget is – and stick to it!
  • Remember that your budget may not give you everything on your wish list, so keep an open mind and know what you need to absolutely have
  • Will splitting the cost of an apartment with a roommate ease your monthly expenses?
  • Apartments move quickly on the New York real estate market, so when you come across a unit you like, jump on it!
  • Familiarize yourself with what to ask during an apartment tour

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Two Months Before You Move

While two months may seem like more than enough time to begin packing, there are a few additional points to plan. Assuming that you have your apartment lease is signed, your security deposit has been accepted, and you have a formal move-in date, it’s time to get organized!An idea we love is creating a moving binder to keep all of your important documents, letters, inventory, and receipts in. Not only will this binder help you keep everything in one spot, but if you divide it up into sections, you’ll find anything you need in no time! Consider using these categories in your moving binder:

  • Apartment lease and important papers
  • Moving quotes and estimates (Katz Moving is a great resource for NYC)
  • Medical and school records for yourself and your family
  • Receipts of purchases
  • Pet information (if you’re moving with a furry friend)

Another great tip is to start researching for local moving companies or storage facilities and collecting quotes. Putting these pieces of the moving puzzle together will help you develop, and stick to, a moving budget throughout the next two months.

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New York City Apartment Hunting Tips

Whether you’re moving to The Big Apple from across the country, across the state, or simply across the park, you’ll be one step closer to finding a great place to live with these apartment hunting tips!

T-Minus 30 Days

You’re moving in just one month! By now, you should have an idea of which large items you’ll be bringing along, what you can sell, and what you can donate. To be honest, large furniture costs more to ship, so look into your shipping options and secure a date and price that works for your budget. Besides securing a moving company, notify your utility providers that you will be moving. This will ensure your soon-to-be previous address isn’t being charged for service, and your new address will be all set up and ready to go.Here’s what to have scheduled before your move (some apartment buildings may provide these services in your rent) :

  • Cable, internet, and phone service
  • Electric and gas
  • Trash collection
  • Cancel or enroll in gym memberships
  • Scope out pet day care programs
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14 Days Before the Move

We are so close to move-in day! If you haven’t started to already, now is the time to plan out the following…


Plan out where your large pieces of furniture will go in your new apartment. Do you need a new bed? A desk to work at? A kitchen table 9no one wants to eat on the floor!) In addition, it’s a good idea to buy curtains, blinds, and area rugs to give yourself a bit of privacy as soon as you move in.


Create an inventory list of all your items being transported by your hired moving company. The best time to make this list is as you pack, and will ensure you don’t lose anything throughout the move.

Pet Care

Moving day can be crazy, and pets definitely pick up on this. Rather than having Fido under your feet, look into local NYC dog day care programs. This will help him get acquainted with his new city, too!

Change of Address

Stop by your local post office to fill out a new address form. This way, your mail will be redirected to your new address in no time. Be sure to pass your new address along to family, friends, schools, insurance companies, doctors, cell phone companies, and mail subscriptions.

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Find a Moving Company in Manhattan

If there’ss one thing that can make an apartment move easier, it’s hiring a reliable moving company. Find yours here.

One Week Left

One week left until the move”¦ where did the time go!? With that being said, it’s crunch time, and we want to avoid pushing off projects until the last minute. Keep these tips in mind as you pack up, wrap up, and load up your belongings!

  • Label boxes with where they should be placed in your new home (living room, bedroom, bathroom)
  • When needed, mark boxes as fragile, load last, or do not stack
  • Confirm your move in date and time with the moving company and apartment building manager
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It’s Moving Day!

Today is the day! Now, while it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with loading, unloading, and unpacking everything, remember that this process often extends more than one solid day. When I moved into my apartment, I gave myself Friday to unload and open boxes, Saturday was my organization day, and I put the final touches on each room on Sunday (like decorating my outdoor balcony). Give yourself time – otherwise you’ll be exhausted quickly!Here’s what to tackle:

  • Walk through the apartment with your landlord or leasing consultant to review the unit’s current condition (check appliances, window and door locks, lighting)
  • Finalize the lease, and ask for a copy of any signed documentation for yourself
  • Set aside your move in day survival kit – containing, toilet paper, a towel, toiletries, a change of clothes, bottled water, and snacks
  • Clean your refrigerator and small kitchen appliances before cooking (or you can outsource those chores with this guide!)

Finally, welcome to New York City! Keep your eyes open on Glenwood’s Manhattan Living blog to get insight on your city’s most current happenings, upcoming events, nearby restaurants and cafes, and helpful tips as you continue to settle into your new home!