Manhattan Living – Apartment Moving

If you’ve recently decided to open up your “Move to New York” savings jar and are ready to sign a lease on your very own apartment, the moving process is about to begin!


An interior view of a Glenwood luxury New York City apartment rental with wall to wall windows and bright light, showcasing beautiful views of Manhattan.
Photo Credit: Glenwood


Glenwood has shared their trusted moving tips every New Yorker can count on – from packing tips, finding a roommate, and listing nearby storage facilities. If you’re ready to move in a New York minute, follow along with Glenwood’s moving tips to make your transition to the city as seamless as possible!

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NYC Apartment Moving Checklist

So you decided to move to the Big Apple, eh? Congrats, and welcome to the city! Your first order of business is to find a place to live. Keep our apartment moving checklist close at hand to easy your search!