Warming Up Your Apartment with Décor

couchAs New Yorkers prepare to welcome the New Year, we’ve simultaneously been hit with some freezing temperatures gusting down our neighborhood streets and frosting over favorite parks. If you’re a resident of one of Glenwood’s luxury New York City apartments, you’ll know first-hand that Manhattan is a truly beautiful place to be during the winter months. Still, cold is cold. So here are a few tips on how to use winter décor to keep extra warm and cozy!

Add an Area Rug

Area rugs are wonderful decor accents to add to apartments of every size”¦ especially in the winter. They add a soft, plush touch to tile or hardwood flooring, tie together seasonal room decor, and can even act as an insulator. Sounds like a winter necessity!When it comes to keeping your feet warm, area rugs are excellent investments. Here are a few recommended places to add a rug or two:

  • Near front doors or entry ways
  • Long hallways
  • In front of kitchen or bathroom sinks
  • Tiled or hardwood living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms

Another alternative for the kitchen and bath are memory foam mats. They keep your feet warm, and provide a soft surface to stand on while cooking, or doing your morning/evening routines.

A luxury white and grey bedding set with a storage trunk at the end fo the bed.
Photo Credit: Pexels

Cozy Up Your Decor

Decorating your Glenwood apartment for each season is the perfect way to express your taste and interior design, and there are quite a few components of this that can be applied when giving your unit a warm change of interior design:

  • Add chunky blankets or throws, and fluffy accent pillows to couches, arm chairs, and bedrooms. Faux fur throws are now on the market, and are especially chic! These look nice and cozy, and you can curl up in comfort.
  • Swap out your light, airy summer curtains for heavier drapes to keep the warmth in (more on this below).
  • Update your bedding set. This includes adding a down comforter, flannel or microfleece sheet set, and a wool blanket for the foot of your bed.
  • Use candles to add a warm, cozy glow. Try relaxing, seasonal scents to enhance the ambience. Even better are the “flameless” candles that run on batteries”¦ the more expensive ones are very realistic (the cheap ones at the drug store, not so much), and provide the cozy look of a real candle, without having to watch a lit candle. You can use potpourri or scent diffusers to layer in a scent, if desired.
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Stock Up on Your Mug Collection

After walking home from the office, grocery store, or fitness class, there’s nothing like curling up with a warm cup of hot cocoa, coffee or tea! It’s perfectly acceptable to showcase your coffee mug collection in your Glenwood kitchen””a mug tree on your countertop is both functional and decorative! You can change out the mugs with the seasons and holidays, rotating for a fresh look to match the mood!rug

Smart Use of Blinds and Curtains

Glenwood apartments boast some of the most beautiful views of Manhattan and the Hudson River with floor-to-ceiling windows and stunning views in a variety of luxury buildings. While tenants never get tired of their view regardless of the season, it’s helpful to know how to adjust your window coverings when cold weather hits. In fact, did you know the type of window covering or curtain you use can decrease the amount of cool air entering your apartment?First, just closing your blinds can help keep the heat inside. Even energy efficient windows such as you may find in your apartment will allow some cool air through””they’re not as efficient as insulation! During the day, the sun streaming in may warm your apartment during peak hours in the afternoon. However, at night if you’re not enjoying the view (say, when you’re watching TV or sleeping), closing the blinds will add another layer of warmth to the room.If you have curtains, velvet or thermal curtains are fantastic options for apartments in the winter. Heavier (and darker) curtains can be used in the colder months, and then swapped out for lighter curtains during the warm winter months. If your apartment boasts beautiful views of the East River, like The Caldwell, The Pavilion, or The Stratford, keep curtains open on sunny days when you’re home to allow warm light in and breathtaking views out! On cloudy or windy days, close your curtains to keep warm air inside.

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Bonus Idea

You know, of course, that humidity makes it feel warmer in the summer.  Well, the same thing happens with cooler temperatures. Try adding a humidifier to the room (they now come in stylish designs and colors- just steer away from the drug store chains which carry basic models). The humidity will make the room feel warmer, without it feeling like a sauna. It’s also better for your sinuses and skin, which can get dried out during the winter due to the heated air inside. Larger floor versions are good for big rooms and open living spaces, but you can now get small, decorative ones to set on a side table. The new ultrasonic versions are also very quiet.Preparing your Glenwood apartment for winter doesn’t just stop in The West Side and East Side of Manhattan – it applies for residents in Riverdale, too! Share your go-to winterizing tips with us on Facebook and Twitter.