The Top Gadgets for a High-Tech Apartment

A black bObi self cleaning vacuum on a kitchen wooden floor.
Photo Credit: bObi

If you are the type of person who can’t get enough of the latest tech advances and gadgets, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of opportunities to include such items into your luxury Glenwood apartment! Besides being up-to-date on the latest and greatest, including the following gadgets to your home provides the added benefit of streamlining chores – which gives you back something truly precious and irreplaceable: time. Being able to skip the daily sweeping in lieu of playing with your kids for an extra 20 minutes a day is the greatest luxury one could hope for!

From wireless moveable furniture to robotic vacuum cleaners, we’re sharing tips below on transforming your luxury unit in the Upper East Side, Midtown, and every neighborhood between into a hi-tech home.

To Keep Your Floors Spic and Span: bObi

Living in NYC, it seems like cleaning is pretty much a daily occurance. Even if you maintain a “shoes-free” home, the dust bunnies that creep in is enough reason to keep a broom close at hand (especially if you have toddlers and pets!) Here’s a trendy solution that mops, vacuums, and sweeps simultaneously.

bObi is the new face of robotic cleaning. Its sleek, minimalist design pairs aesthetically well with Glenwood’s luxury buildings. With the push of a button, it automatically glides across your floors to pick up dirt and dust, leaving behind a spotless shine with her mopping feature. There are two models available: the bObi Classic and bObi Pet. Your unit at The Stratford will be spotless in no time!

What’s cool about the bObi is your ability to program it – meaning it will travel around your apartment floors as you instruct. Once the mess is gone, your bObi will find its way back to the charging station and juice up for the next day.

A bright pink indoor light set for mood lighting.
Photo Credit: Philips

Capture the Moment with Light: The Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit

Gone are the days of boring white light bulbs! With the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit, you have the ability to transform any room in your home into a brilliant, colorful light show. Mood lighting has never been easier!

Choose between millions of vibrant colors and various shades of white to brighten your home – with total wireless control from your smartphone or tablet. Lighting can also be synced to music, games, and movies. In addition, this gadget gives you the ability to control lights from outside of your apartment – meaning you never have to come home to a dark house. Bulbs fit standard-sized table lamps. The lights can easily be controlled with the following devices:

  • Apple HomeKit
  • Amazon Echo
  • Google Assistant
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Transform Outlets into Smart Outlets: The TP-Link Smart Plug Mini

The TP-Link Smart Plug Mini is the perfect solution for people who rely on voice-controlled devices, like Google Assistant and Amazon Echo, for everyday use. You’re able to control devices connected to the Smart Plug wherever you have Internet by using the free Kasa app on your smartphone. Schedule your Smart Plug to automatically power electronics on and off as you please – like scheduling lights to turn off at sunrise, and on at dusk. With a low price point, the smart plug is a super simple way to “smartify” your home in one quick sweep!

See Your Space When You’re Away with the Nest Cam IQ

While many of Glenwood’s popular apartments, like Hampton Court and Emerald Green, offer 24-hour doorman services, having an extra eye on your apartment can bring piece of mind to tenants. A great solution to assist with keeping watch over your home is the Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera. Simply plug in the camera, download the app to your smart phone, and you’ll have a real-time look inside your home wherever you are. This device could be super helpful in numerous situations:

  • Use as a nanny-cam for homes with small children
  • To peek into what your dog or cat are doing during the day
  • Check into your space while you’re out of town

An Important Tip: If you decide to install a security camera in your apartment, check with your property manager beforehand. They will be able to explain the building’s rules with holes in the wall, drilling, etc.

A black Amazon Echo sitting on a brown wooden table.
Photo Credit: Amazon Echo

Add a Friendly, Helpful Voice with the Echo Dot

Unlike the rest of the items on this list that are a bit more of an investment, the Amazon Echo Dot is far less – making it an easy way to create a smart home without a big cost.

While most of us have heard of the Echo Dot, there’ss some pretty cool things it can do that aren’t widely talked about. For example, if you’ve told ten bedtime stories to your little New Yorker and can’t muster up the energy for another, you can tell Alexa (the Dot’s name) to “tell a bedtime story to.” She can also help you find your lost iPhone within the home, preheat your oven to get dinner going, or get your perfect playlist going depending on your mood!

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