Tips for Storing Seasonal Clothing

A stack of folded denim jeans and colored pants.
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When the seasons in New York City start to change, our wardrobes change along with it. From everyday casual wear to professional attire, New Yorkers are keen to keeping up with the latest styles every season. With that being said, now is the time to store lighter pieces of clothing and unpack warm, cozy sweaters for the cooler months. There may be no such thing as enough closet space for all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories, but we have a few tips and tricks on utilizing space in your Glenwood apartment closet for every season!

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Use the Right Storage

Have you considered what types of storage containers work best for the clothing items you want to fold up and pack away? While throwing your jeans and heavy sweatshirts into a large plastic bag may do the trick, remember that your clothing is an investment, so you want to properly pair your items with appropriate containers. Labeled, plastic containers with a fitted lid are great options, and can be stacked in any closet or spare bedroom to save space. If you discover you have a bit more clothes than expected, storing them in clean suitcases is a space-friendly solution as well!

A Storage Tip: From tank tops to sandals, sweaters and boots, remember that your clothing must be stored in a cool, clean, dark, and dry place to preserve condition!

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What to Hang and What to Fold

While hanging clothes in your Glenwood apartment may give your closet a sense of organization (especially if you like to see all of your outfit options!), avoid hanging sweaters or other knit items that may lose their shape. Heavier shirts that are hung for too long may begin to stretch, as well. If you find yourself needing to hang certain items, like a silk blouse or long trench coat, place the article in a breathable garment bag or light plastic covering to protect it from dust and moisture.

The type of hanger you use impacts your clothes, too. For materials like silk and cotton, padded hangers are ideal to keep shoulder areas intact.

So what should you do with all of your sweaters? Loosely stack your folded items from the lightest down to the heaviest, as this will keep air circulation moving between your clothes and help reduce wrinkles. For those really heavy clothing items, like sweatpants, snow pants, and jeans, fold these garments and store them in under-the-bed clothing bags. It will also give you a full view of your options without needing to unpack boxes and refold everything you’ve taken out!

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Storing Your Shoes

Living in New York means we get the full effect of all four seasons – especially when it comes to proper footwear. When summertime fades away and you swap sandals for boots, store your warm weather shoes the following ways:

  • Over-the-door closet hangers
  • Keep boots and sneakers in original boxes
  • Shoe racks for entry ways and closet interiors
  • Under-the-bed containers (for boots, sandals, and sneakers)

Before you put any type of shoe into storage, give each pair a quick wipe down to remove any mud or dirt. This also keeps your pair fresh and ready for the coming season!

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Fill High Spaces with Baskets

Honestly, there isn’t anything baskets can’t do when it comes to providing extra storage space. Since we’re talking about seasonal clothing and accessories, woven baskets are perfect options to hold winter hats, scarves, mittens, and chunky socks for those snowy days. For warm weather apparel, throw your sun hats, visors, beach bags, and towels into a labeled basket at the top of your closet.

For Glenwood residents of The Bamford, The Encore, and Liberty Plaza, keep your swimming accessories close by if you plan to use your building’s beautifully maintained indoor pool through with winter!

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Check on Your Clothes

Packing your clothes for the season is not a one and done type of ordeal – you want to check on your items once every few weeks to make sure the containers are moisture, dust, and stain-free. Remember, dark, cool, and dry spaces will prevent fading of your clothes. As always, wash all items before you wear them after taking them out of storage, and you’re ready to take on the coming season!

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