Tips for Hosting Apartment Holiday Parties

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As we enter the month of November, the holiday season will arrive before we know it! From intimate dinners for 4, to cocktail parties of 40 guests, knowing how to prepare for and entertain dinner party guests is a necessity this time of year! Whether you reside in one of Glenwood’s luxury apartments – ranging from one, two, or three bedrooms – follow these party planning tips this season!

Make a List and Check It Twice

Making to-do lists is a big help when it comes to organizing an upcoming visit from house guests. Here are some ideas of what to include, and ultimately check off:

  1. A list of dishes to prepare if you’re hosting a dinner party
  2. Checklist of ingredients that need to be purchased, and even a list of extra place settings and glassware you may need
  3. Create a party playlist of appropriate music
  4. Areas that need to be cleaned in your apartment
  5. Add personal touches of seasonal decor

Remember, the more organized you are, the easier it is to confidently prepare your party!

A stainless steel kitchen at Glenwood's luxury Emerald Green apartment complex in New York City.
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Save Time and Prep Ahead

Let’s be real – When it comes to hosting any sort of at-home dinner party of social event, one of the biggest stressors is running to your neighborhood grocery store to pick up last minute ingredients to prepare for the day.

As you finalize your menu, choose a few dishes that can be prepared a day in advance, or the morning of. This will free you from the kitchen a bit when guests do arrive – allowing you to spend more time with them and create memories!

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Be Aware Of Food And Alcohol Restrictions

Depending on your type of party, you may want to consider how you can accommodate guests with special dietary needs or preferences.

For example, if you’re having a cookie decorating party, make sure you have milk. Take it a step further with soy milk, almond, and whole milk for those who are dairy-free. If some of your dinner party guests are underage, be sure to host a variety of non-alcoholic beverages on standby.

Provide Take Out Boxes For Guests

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner or a Christmas cookie decorating party, chances are you’ll have loads of leftovers. Instead of cramming everything in your fridge (because really, how many turkey sandwiches are you willing to eat?), stock up on some take out boxes for your guests. Not only will this help greatly to make sure nothing goes to waste, but your guests will love the idea of not needing to cook the next day!

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How to Hide Clutter

Imagine this – a clean, clutter-free apartment with space to actually move around and socialize. But where are you supposed to put all that random stuff on your coffee table and stairway? Here are a few quick tips to put your extra items out of sight:

Foldable under-the-bed containers for extra jackets, blankets, pillows, etc.

Store larger items in your shower behind a shower curtain

Add wicker baskets to shelving to store smaller items

Make the most of your kitchen storage

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The Perfect Ambiance

Small touches in apartments truly make the space feel like home – especially around the holidays. Scented candles add both a visual and olfactory ambiance. And if you host a large number of people, the 9-foot ceilings of Glenwood’s The Marlowe, Emerald Green, Liberty Plaza and other buildings can make the room feel less crowded!

If you’re throwing a dinner party, make a little time for DIY name plates for your guests. If it’s a cocktail party, introduce friends with where they’re from, but also with similarities between the two (do they both have small dog, love of Broadway shows, share a similar profession, etc.). Your guests will remember these extra efforts long after the party is over!

Our Tip: If you need a bit of design inspiration, check out how to decorate your apartment the Glenwood way!

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Too Many Guests for Your Holiday Gathering?

If your holiday or birthday parties are too big for your apartment, residents in many Glenwood buildings have access to tenant lounges, many with kitchens, where tenants can host larger gatherings. Barclay Tower, Emerald Green, Hawthorn Park, The Lucerne, and The Barclay are just a few of the many buildings with wonderful facilities to host larger gatherings. Check with your building management for more details.

What are you holiday hosting tips? Share your secrets with us on Facebook and Twitter!