Space Saving Solutions for Bedrooms

A neutral bedding set in a luxury master bedroom.
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Regardless of the square footage of your luxury Glenwood apartment, additional space in the bedroom is always a plus! We’ve compiled some of the best space saving solutions for bedrooms to help you neatly tuck away all the stuff that tends to accumulate. Not only will everything have its place and you’ll have more space to enjoy your Manhattan apartment, but you will also create a relaxing, calm sleeping space for yourself!

Under-the-Bed Storage

If you’re in a rush to quickly clean up the guest room before family arrives, it’s easy to shove items under the bed. Instead of using this space for a last-minute spring cleaning session, use it to its full potential with under-the-bed storage solutions. From shoe organization to seasonal clothes storage, pick up a plastic or cloth organizer. They slide nicely under the bed, out of sight, and you’ll be able to fit a few organizers under your bed depending on its size!

A white closet in a neutral colored bedroom.
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Use an Armoire Instead of a Dresser

Armoires are generally taller, giving you more storage space overall. Most models have a couple of drawers on the bottom, while having a compartment to hang clothes in the upper portion. If you don’t need more hanging space, you can stack folded items, such as sweaters, in the space. Inexpensive organizers can be placed inside, giving you shelves, baskets, etc. You can customize it however you want to match your needs.

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Find Unused Closet Space

The master bedroom closets in The Encore and The Marlowe are wonderful assets to your apartment living experience, but there are a few ways to help you make the most of any unused space.

Think about this: How well is your closet organized? While renters may not have the option of drilling holes into the wall for organization shelves, there are a ton of clothing rods, over-the-door hangers, shoe and handbag organizers, and other super storage tools available. You may be able to add organizers to the shelf above the hanging bar, give you more options for storage all the way to the ceiling. A small step stool kept in the closet can help you reach those upper spaces, which often go unused.

Decorate with a Storage Ottoman

Storage ottomans give apartment tenants the best of both worlds when it comes to storage and interior design. We love the idea of adding a storage bench or ottoman at the base of your bed. They double as additional seating, seasonal clothing and accessory storage, and even blanket storage.

A dual-use vanity and night stand next to a bed.
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Set Up a Double-Duty Nightstand

Most nightstands host pretty common bedroom accessories, ranging from a lamp, alarm clock, and a phone charger. While all of these items are functional and essential, recreating your nightstand as a dual-purpose space is a great way to reduce the amount of furniture in a bedroom. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use a makeup vanity instead of a nightstand
  • Multi-purpose desk instead of a nightstand
  • Replace your nightstand with a short bookshelf with storage shelves

If you have room, flanking your bed with tall bookshelves on each side of the bed not only creates a dramatic focal point in the room (adding a wonderful piece of artwork above the headboard will complete the look), it adds a lot of additional storage for functional items (alarm clock), decorative items, and storage (book collections, baskets to contain clutter, etc.).

Combine Electronic Items

If you have one of the new smart home devices, like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, that one device can act as an alarm clock, radio/music player, on demand morning news and weather source, plus control any smart plugs you may be using, and more. You can get everything you need to get your day started, without having to consult your phone, TV, computer, alarm clock, etc. And since it’s hands free, it’s easier to use while you’re getting ready. Just ask for the weather, your news brief, etc. while you’re getting dressed, putting on makeup, etc.

What space saving solutions for bedrooms have you found to be helpful? Share your DIY ideas with us on Facebook and Twitter!