Must Haves for Your Tenant Toolbox

A wooden wall of construction and household tools for an apartment tenant toolbox.
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One of the many perks of living in a luxury high rise is the 24 hour on-site maintenance. Have a leaky faucet? Dropped your earring down the drain? Need a little extra elbow grease to open your living room window? They got you covered. While it’s a huge peace of mind knowing help is a phone call away, it’s smart to keep a tenant toolbox under the kitchen sink to fix things… Other than the kitchen sink. Grab your utility belt and let’s hammer away at the tools you need!

A bright yellow tape measure for a tenant toolbox in your apartment.
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Tape Measure

Think back to your first New York City apartment… You may be in the moving phase now! If there’s one accessory we bet you’ve used in the apartment scoping and moving process, it’s a tape measure.

From hauling your dressers and mattresses up four flights of stairs to decorating your apartment balcony, here are a few examples of when having a handy dandy tape measure will east your apartment living:

  1. When mapping out furniture placement
  2. Ordering the perfect sized area rug
  3. Will your king size bed fit? Measure it!
  4. Deciding which TV size fits on your wall
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Seriously, what can’t you do with a screwdriver? From putting together your new coffee table or tightening a door hinge, screwdrivers will be your small fixer-upper best friend. Hardware stores like Scheman’s Bryant Park sell packs of drivers to fix any issues you experience – the small sets can even adjust jewelry!


Big or small, the hammer does it all. Once you purchase a hammer for your tenant tool box, you won’t have a reason to have bare walls in your apartment! Which means it’s time to get creative.

Owning a hammer (this is a big deal, if you couldn’t tell) also takes away any excuse you could think of for not hanging up certificates, wall mirrors, family pictures, or your grandmother’s quilt that was passed down to you. Let’s get to hammering!

P.S. make sure you’re compliant with your lease agreement when it comes to putting holes in the wall. You don’t want to see an expense taken from your security deposit!

hammer and nail
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When it comes to wrenches, all I can think about is plumbing… Which is something I’d definitely call the complex’s maintenance crew about! (Hello security deposit!) However, since we’re stocking up our toolbox, wrenches could come in handy, say, if you need to tighten a nut or bolt on a chair leg!


Flashlights are so important for not only your tenant toolbox, but to keep in various places throughout the apartment. New York City is big, and with big cities comes a lot of power being used. Even though complexes have big bad generators, anything can happen, so stock up on flashlights and keep one in high traffic rooms:

  • The hallway closet
  • Under the kitchen sink
  • The bathroom vanity
  • Your bedroom night stand

In addition to flashlights, brighten up the box with a few lightbulbs from Bulb America. You’ll feel so accomplished when you know you can change a bulb!

Bold and colorful painters markers to keep in your tenant toolbox.
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Dust Mask

The time when you’ll need a dust mask is a little uncertain, but we do know they’re essential to the ultimate tool box. Oh, how about when you’re throwing a fresh coat of paint to your bedroom wall? Perhaps fumes from painting your nails are a little strong (Hey… You never know!)

Nonetheless, there are a bunch of uses for dust masks, but unless you’re doing some heavy construction, they make great Halloween costume props! The crew at Garber Hardware could lend a few construction-related, cautionary uses, too!

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Utility Knife

From opening up boxes from NYC’s top movers to scraping off paint from window glass, utility knives are the all-in-one tool to top off your tenant tool box. With razor blades to mini screwdrivers and tweezers, utility knives are the best friend of handymen and handywomen a like!

What’s your go-to tool in your tenant tool box? Have you been able to find the ultimate apartment friendly tool? Crack open your secrets on Facebook and Twitter!