7 Money Saving Tips for Tenants

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Ah, New York City – one of the most glamorous places to live! We know living in luxury apartment rentals and iconic neighborhoods may comes at a higher-than-average price for some, which highlights the importance of budgeting yourself and trimming monthly expenses. We know apartments, which means we know the ins and outs of how tenants can save the most when following these tips!

Protect Your Security Deposit

Handing over your apartment’s security deposit is not only the first big step of the moving process, but it holds you responsible for any damages. There are a few ways to protect your security money:

  1. Ask for a thorough walk-through of the unit with your landlord
  2. Take pictures or videos of the unit, with dates included
  3. Record any existing damages and notify your landlord asap

Repeat these steps when moving out, as well, to get your security deposit back!

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Split Rent with a Roommate

Out go-to piece of advice when coming up with a budget? Get a roommate! Ask around – you never know if your sibling, friend, friend of a friend, or coworker is looking to split the rent bill every month. Symbi is a NYC-exclusive roommate matching service believes finding someone to split the bill with should be safe, easy, and fun. Whether you’re looking for a roomie to go apartment hunting with, searching for an open bedroom, or need to fill a bedroom in your current space, Symbi informs you of a mutual match to split costs!

Know What You Can and Can’t Change in the Apartment

We’ll format this in easy to follow questions to ask your landlord in regards to what you’re allowed to move around, paint, cover up, or swap !

  1. Can walls be painted?
  2. Is it okay to hang pictures or TVs?
  3. How should appliances and flooring be cleaned?
  4. Can I swap lighting fixtures?
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Put Energy into Saving Energy

We’re totally on board with going green, living green, and staying green when it comes to apartment living. Many newer units have energy-saving appliances, which is a double win for Mother Nature and your utility bill!

Small changes you can make throughout your home include turning off lights when leaving a room, swapping light bulbs for energy-saving styles, unplugging electronics when they aren’t being used, and lowering/turning up temperature control units for when you aren’t home.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Call Maintenance

Know your rights as a renter and what makes a unit habitable – and don’t give them up!

Even if you know you’re perfectly capable of fixing that leaky faucet, leave it to the pros – especially if your complex has a 24/7 maintenance crew.  They’re there to help you, and you’re ultimately paying for their service in your rent and amenity fees. If you cause more damage to an existing problem in your apartment, the cost may be taken out of your security deposit. Call the crew if you suspect the following:

  • Cracked windows
  • Burst or frozen pipes
  • Leaky faucets
  • Malfunctioning appliances (stoves, air conditioning units, heaters)

Helpful tip:

Run to the hardware store and stock your tenant toolbox with light bulbs, screw drivers, and extra nails from Garber Hardware to help with small fixes!

Here’s the easiest tip of all: lock your windows, doors, and fire escape to keep unwanted visitors out!

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Secure Your High-Value Items

Most landlord’s insurance policies don’t cover loss due to theft or damage. Protecting your high-value items, such as jewelry, designer bags, and family heirlooms, when you move is an investment.

Many complexes require renter’s insurance – so be sure to quote your possessions ahead of time. Check out local pawn shops to get valued quotes to help you claim items accordingly. NYC based SOS Locksmith and All Star Locksmith sell a variety of colorful and functional safes to keep your jewels and important papers safe and sound.

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Save for Unexpected Emergencies

Just because you’re renting an apartment doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry about unexpected emergencies and bills! Life happens at any time – from a last minute relocation to taking time off from work because of sickness.

A big part of budgeting yourself includes setting aside money for cases like this (and for fun things to do every month, too!).

For those seasoned renters out there – what are your money saving tips? Spill your secrets on Facebook and Twitter!