A Guide to Indoor Winter Plants

Three green ivy plants on a window still in yellow pots.
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Brown trees and snowy parks are a sure sign of winter in NYC. If you’re missing flowering gardens and local parks across Manhattan, adding a little greenery to your luxury Glenwood apartment is a go-to hack when freshening up your living quarters, especially during the winter months. These winter plants will brighten up your space while helping you fight through the remaining months of cabin fever! Let’s get to digging with our guide to indoor winter plants.

Picking a Place to Pot

The first step of gardening indoors, especially in the cooler months is to decide where plants will thrive the best in your apartment. If your unit has large windows, like those in Crystal Green and The Encore, consider placing your pots near these sunny spots. Hanging baskets or floor plants would love this.

Smaller house plants perfectly compliment end tables, bathroom vanities, and kitchen counter tops for a pop of color. If your floor plan allows for a larger green space, indoor plants can tie together interior decor in dining rooms, living rooms, and master bedrooms alike. They key is to find beautifully decorated pots and vases that compliment your Glenwood decor!

Important Tip for Pots on the Floor: Of course, large pots with drainage holes should have a saucer underneath to catch any excess water (if a matching saucer doesn’t come with the pot, clear plastic ones are available). However, even pots without drainage holes can cause water damage on your beautiful hardwood floors. Clay pots, in particular, are susceptible to water leakage/unseen cracks that allow water to seep through, or forming condensation underneath the pot which can ruin your floor.

If you accidentally spill water when you’re watering, be sure to move the pot and dry the floor, and the bottom of the pot, before putting it back. Don’t just mop up around the pot… some water will probably seep under the pot where it stays wet and damages your floors.

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Know the Types of Indoor Light

Did you know there’ss more than one type of light when gardening indoors? Believe it or not, different varieties of plants thrive on the amount of light exposure, so be sure to familiarize yourself with what type of light your apartment gets throughout the day.

  • Low Light – refers to relatively dark areas or shady corners of homes. There are only a few types of indoor plants that can thrive in these lighting conditions. Recommended Plant: Chinese evergreen or cast-iron plant.
  • Filtered Light – this type of light is somewhat softened, but still bright, as it passes through a barrier. This usually includes sheer curtains, shrubs growing outside the window, and so on. Recommended Plant: Ficus or English ivy.
  • Reflected Light – most of the indoor house plants you’ll have will want this type of light. It’s indirect, meaning it’s cooler than direct sunlight, and can be reflected off interior walls, ceilings, or pieces of furniture. Recommended Plant: Philodendron or snake plants.
  • Direct Light – these rays come directly through windows, glass doors, or any other unobstructed surface. If your plant likes a lot of sun, a smart tip is to set the pot back about 6 inches to avoid the leaves from burning or drying up on hot days. Recommended Plant: Christmas cactus or peace lily plants.

A Helpful Indoor Gardening Tip: Does your Glenwood building sit on the East Side or West Side of Manhattan? This will help you determine how much sunlight, and at what time, your apartment receives.

A collection of pastel colored succulent plants in a circle.
Photo Credit: Pexels

Best Plants for Apartments

Now that your green thumb is ready to take over, let’s explore the different types of plants that not only flourish indoors, but compliment the size and style of apartments. Whether your reason to add plants is for interior decor or use in the kitchen, get to know the following varieties to help you decide what to plant:

Kitchen Herbs

From basil to cilantro to parsley, take your level of creativity in the kitchen to a new level with growing your own herbs! These varieties flourish both indoors and outdoors, so if you plan to move pots to your balcony garden when the weather warms up, they’ll be just fine.


Succulents come in a variety sizes, soft pastel colors, and are the perfect addition to any room in your apartment! Our favorite species include aloe vera, jade plants, and the very popular echeveria elegans succulent. These guys are easy to maintain – they need to be watered once every 10 days or so.

Flowering Plants

Besides adding a sea of green to your apartment, add a splash of color with house plants with bloom! Peace lilies, orchids, hibiscus, and geraniums are wonderful options.

An interior view of Glenwood's Crystal Green apartment building in NYC with an updated kitchen.
Photo Credit: Glenwood Luxury Apartments

Keeping Your Greens Alive

Once your plants are tucked into their new pots and placed in the appropriate amount of light, there are a few simple tips to keep in mind to ensure your new buds sprout. In fact, most houseplants are perfectly happy with normal indoor temperatures throughout the year, so the way you take care of each plant comes down to watering, soil type, and sunlight exposure. For residents of Barclay Tower to Hawthorn Park and every building between, check out the following indoor gardening tips:

  1. As seasonal temperatures change from freezing to cold and warm to hot, check the temperatures near windows where plants are kept.
  2. Keep plants away from heat sources, like radiators and kitchen appliances
  3. When watering your plant, feel the soil about one inch down to determine whether it needs water or not
  4. Make sure your plant pot has drainage holes in the bottom of the pot (with a pan underneath to collect drained water)

For current Glenwood residents, where would you place house plants to compliment your NYC apartment living style? Share your photos with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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