Decorating Your Luxury Apartment: The Glenwood Way

An elaborate dining room table decoration with accessories from Jung Lee in New York City.
Photo Credit: Jung Lee Facebook

It can be tough to beat the exceptional design of Glenwood’s luxurious apartment floor plans and additional amenity space, but you can add final touches to your home with a few decorating tips to express your New York City taste, style, and personality. It’s amazing how colorful throw pillows, additional storage space, and themed home accents can change a room! Let Glenwood’s apartment decorating guide give you inspiration for a fun weekend project – room by room.

Before you get started – Remember to double check with your building manager before making any changes to your apartment. From adding a few picture frames to your walls, to building an outdoor balcony oasis, get the inside scoop on what is, and isn’t, allowed.

A luxury New York City apartment living room furnished by Jensen Lewis Furniture.
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Create a Chic Living Space

From hosting themed dinner parties to having friends and family over to catch up, your guests will spend the most time on your main living spaces – the dining room and living room. With a bit of inspiration from upscale home accessory superstore Jung Lee, here’s how you can furnish your luxury apartment with chic trends:

  • Table linens, flatware, and serving trays
  • Vases and bowls
  • Hang floating shelves for additional storage
  • Fresh flowers brighten up room with a pop of seasonal color
  • Battery operated candles
  • Textured throw pillows and blankets

Add a Pop of Color with a Rug

If your apartment has hardwood or tile flooring, consider adding a bright area rug to your space. Not only do area rugs add a touch of your personality to the room, but they are top contenders for protecting your floor from scratches and stains.

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Go with Curtains

Apartment living does not mean you’re stuck with boring blinds. After all, with such beautiful views of Manhattan right outside your window, why cover it up!? Dress your apartment with curtains in your living room, dining room, or bedroom that will a touch of drama to enhance your view. From floor length drapes to short panels, curtains will tie your room’s color scheme together in no time!

A Decorator’s Tip: Take advantage of 9-foot ceilings of Glenwood’s The Marlowe, Emerald Green, The Encore, and Liberty Plaza, by hanging your drapes floor to ceiling. This will provide privacy when you want it, and the illusion of additional height!

A women sitting in her luxury apartment bedroom overlooking New York City.
Photo Credit: Glenwood’s Emerald Green Luxury Apartments

Lighten Up Your Room

Did you know additional lighting creates the illusion of having more space?

In fact, adding extra lamps helps make a house feel more like a home – with a warm and welcoming feel. From decorative lamps with a colorful shade, antique stained glass lamps for your side table, and tall floor lamps that fill each room with the perfect amount of light, brighten up your apartment’s design.

With it comes to creating the illusion of more space, mirrors from Modani Furniture do just this. In any small space, from entry ways to walk-in closets, wall mirrors reflect light and make the area feel bigger. For larger rooms, we love propped floor mirrors, horizontal wall mirrors over a couch, or any prime spot that will reflect natural light throughout the rest of the room.

Two golden round tables in a living room.
Photo Credit: Modani Furniture Facebook

Shaped Furniture

Now that you’ve chosen one of Glenwood’s spacious apartment floor plans as your new home, it’s time to fill your space with the highest quality furniture. Take advantage of your living space and fill it with fun, contemporary, curvy furniture. Utilizing various shapes and sizes gives your space character, a sleek design, and is appealing to the eye!

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Hunting for an Apartment at a Distance?

Glenwood has just the guide to help you get your bearings - especially when moving to a luxury apartment in New York City!

Items We Love: Oval coffee tables, round end tables, curved accent chairs (great for additional seating!), glass-top dining tables, and shaped area rugs from Jensen-Lewis.

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