Tips for Apartment Living with Dogs

A Goldendoodle dog being walked on a leash by it's owner outside.
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From finding enough storage for all your toys, scoping out large rooms to play a game of fetch in, and making sure you have window access to check out the neighborhood’s daily activity, dog have an apartment checklist of various wants and needs, too! Big or small, dogs are perfectly capable of living comfortably in New York City apartments, but owners should keep the following pointers in mind everyday to ensure their best friend (and roommate) is happy and healthy!

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Which Dog Breeds Are Best for Apartments?

Whether you’re in the market for adopting a dog, or are scoping out a new pad for both you and your furry friend to call home, perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is the breed and personality of your pup. Different breeds adapt better to smaller environments, and believe it or not, size is not the only thing to consider.

Sure, a Yorkie would be more comfortable in a one-bedroom or studio apartment over a German Shepherd, but a dog’s temperament and daily routine is a big factor when apartment shopping. High-energy or noisy dogs, such as different breeds of terriers, hounds, and retrievers may not fare so well in a small living space, compared to lower-energy breeds like Bulldogs, Pugs, Spaniels, and even Great Danes.

Our tip: The ideal apartment dog is quiet, polite to neighbors, and remains calm while kept indoors.

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Consider Living on the First Floor of Your Building

It’s far more convenient for dog parents to live on the first floor of an apartment building for a few reasons: there are less stairs to climb, closer proximity to exits for bathroom breaks, and to reduce noise for neighboring tenants.

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Establish a Daily Routine

From meal times to daily walks, getting your dog on a schedule is important when living in an urban city. It’s easier for dogs to adapt to apartment living if owners establish a set routine for bathroom breaks – especially when it comes to balancing your work schedule.

Here are a few activities you can get your pooch used to:

  1. Morning, afternoon, and night walks with set times
  2. Serving breakfast and dinner at consistent times everyday
  3. Have a reserved “play time” to get excess energy out
  4. Create a cozy space for your dog to nap in
  5. Come up with bonding activities – from puppy play dates to belly rubs

If you find yourself working longer hours on certain days, consider hiring a dog walker or pet sitter to stop by and give your dog a little TLC. This not only breaks up your dog’s day as they wait for you to get home, but an afternoon walk and socialization with other dogs is great for them. Luke Dogwalker NYC is a great pick!

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House Rules and Training

If there’ss two things we can guarantee when living with a dog, it’s coming home to a happy face and de-linting yourself (and your furniture) from dog hair. Your pup should be just as comfortable in the apartment as you are – which can sometimes result in jumping on the couch for a nap or staying busy by gnawing at shoes.

While allowing your dog on furniture is a personal preference, establishing a set of house rules will help create a balanced environment and keep you in charge. If you need a hand with training a new puppy, Puptopia NYC is one of the best full-service dog care companies in New York City for puppies, senior dogs, and every age between – offering training packages, positive reinforcement, and GPS tracking for dog walks.

A wooden crate of colorful woven dog toys.
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Keeping Your Dog Entertained

Dogs can becomes depressed, and sometimes destructive, if boredom gets the best of their time spent at home. Be sure to provide interactive toys and chew bones to help their days pass while you’re at work or step out to the market. Zoomies, located at 434 Hudson Street, has a pawesome collection of toys, treats, and chews to keep your dog engaged and stylish!

One idea we love is to place toys in different rooms and locations throughout the apartment. This will give your dog a motive to walk around as they search for their favorite toys!