Apartment Etiquette Guide

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Hi there neighbor, and congrats on your new apartment! While renting can save you a few headaches over owning a home, apartment life is very different than living in your parents’s home or old college dorm. Having good neighbors starts with being a good neighbor, so keep these apartment etiquette tips taped to your refrigerator as you settle in and socialize!

Mind Your Manners

Whether you’re a first-time renter or seasoned tenant, always remember to treat fellow neighbors as you’d like to be treated. An apartment building is a community, so be friendly and smile! A warm hello, polite please and thank you, and wishing people a good day can go a long way.

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Clean Up After Yourself

When living in an apartment, your home extends outside of your particular unit. This includes the complex’s fitness center, pool area, sun deck, and even the parking lot.

No one likes a litter bug, so take your trash with you, or find a labeled trash can to dispose it in. Every apartment has different trash disposal procedures, so stay on top with collection days and times. Don’t leave a week’s worth of garbage outside your door and expect someone to magically pick it up! This would give your hallway an unpleasant odor, too.

Throwing a dinner party or movie night with friends is a great way to enjoy your space with others, but you’re still responsible for visitors. Be sure guests maintain respect for not only your belongings, but neighbors, as well.

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Keep It Down

From running in the halls to jammin’s out to your current iTunes playlist, your neighbors are able to hear more than you think. Keep music and conversations at an appropriate indoor decibel, and if needed, use headphones to experience your surround sound movie.

Early mornings and late at night are the most sound-sensitive times of the day, so if you have an alternating work schedule, be mindful of daily chores (like vacuuming) and entering/leaving the apartment.

Check with your property manager if a designated “quiet time” is enforced for living quarters and communal amenities, like the fitness center or pool.

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Stay on Top of Laundry

If your complex has a communal laundry facility, don’t let your tighty whities pile up in the washer or dryer for hours on end. Pick a day (or two) each week where you devote a set time to get laundry done. This way you’ll stay on top of the washing/drying process, and free up machines for other residents to use.

Refrain from hanging delicate clothing items in the laundry room or over your balcony. Instead, invest in a small clothes drying rack to keep in your kitchen corner.

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Pets Are Neighbors, Too!

Moving can be a dramatic change for pets. Adjusting to a new, unfamiliar space can cause some pets, particularly dogs, to cause a bit of ruckus while you’re at work or running errands. If your dog is a barker or tends to howl, consider enrolling them in a nearby doggy day care to keep their days busy!

Just as management expects you to keep your space neat and tidy, keep your eyes open for any pet messes. Landlords and fellow residents will notice if you don’t clean up after your pooch, so keep a doggy bag stocked with pet-friendly cleaning supplies.

Living in an apartment is a great community focused experience – as long as respect for rules and shared etiquette are practiced by all! Keeping these tips in mind will help you adjust to your new living situation and create friendly bonds with your new neighbors.

For our seasoned renters out there, what apartment etiquette tips do you have to share with first timers? Speak up on Facebook and Twitter!