5 Tips for Setting Up a Home Gym

A woman stretching on a hot pink yoga mat in a home gym.
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They say it’s good to change up your workout routine, so why not take advantage of space in your apartment and create a home gym? If the idea of working out in the comfort of your own home and saving money on fitness memberships grabs your attention, here are 5 tips to follow when setting up a home gym!

1. Designate Your Workout Space

Whether your apartment is 500 square feet or 1,000, it’s important to designate a specific area to workout in. This comes with several advantages:

  • Your workout equipment will always be in the same place, ready to go
  • You don’t need to wait to use said equipment
  • Play the music you like
  • Your home gym is available 24/7
A set of workout gear containing weights, sneakers, and a scale for a home gym.
Photo Credit: Pexels.com

2. Get Your Supplies

Depending on your preferred workout, you’ll need different items to optimize workouts. Are you into yoga? A simple yoga mat, blocks, and some bands will do! These are the perfect start-up kit for high intensity interval trainings!

Small hand weights (5-10 lbs) may be suitable for apartment living. However, heavier weights, and some home gym equipment such as treadmills often create noise that annoys your neighbors, and violate the terms of your lease. Glenwood buildings all have gyms fully equipped for those types of workouts.

Also, don’t forget to grab some workout clothes. There are several Modell’s Sporting Goods stores in Manhattan, notably a few in Midtown East – making it super easy for any Glenwood residents living in the area to stock up on all your workout supplies.

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3. Look into At-Home Videos

Unless you’re a personal trainer, chances are you will need a little at-home workout motivation from time to time. There’s never been so many options where this is concerned!

From live streaming cycling classes, to on-demand workout classes from boutique NYC studios, there’ss plenty of options! If you prefer to sample a bunch of different things, there’ss always Youtube, which features free workouts ranging from Zumba dancing to kickboxing to tai chi and basically anything else you can think of.

A hot pink dumb bell weight for a home gym.
Photo Credit: Pexels.com

4. Workout with a Friend

Even with the best intentions, at-home workouts can lose their luster after a few weeks. The beginning is very exciting, when you have a great new area to workout, new clothes, and new equipment. But how do you maintain that initial excitement to keep the momentum going?

By using the strategy of “pairing”, which is an idea coined by happiness and good habits guru Gretchen Rubin. Pairing is when you do something you enjoy only while you workout. Perhaps this is catching up on a specific TV show, watching Netflix documentaries, listening to a specific podcast, flipping through celebrity gossip magazines, or reading a specific genre of book. The idea is, you don’t let yourself do this specific thing any other time than when you are working out, so it becomes something you really are looking forward to, and you know that if you miss a workout, you’ll be missing an episode of your favorite television show!

Don’t be afraid to switch up your workout by utilizing your building’s fitness center. All Glenwood buildings have state-of-the-art facilities, including The Bristol, Liberty Plaza, The Regent, and Hawthorn Park!

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5. Block Out Workout Time

The last tip might sound the most obvious, but it’s also the most important. Much like going to a regular gym, if you don’t actually pencil the workout into your weekly calendar as a commitment that can not be moved, chances are it will be low on your priority list. Figure out what time of day you have the most motivation to workout:

  • Early bird hours, before anyone else in your house is awake?
  • After work and dinner, when all the kids are in bed?

Whatever it is, make these workout appointments with yourself non-negotiable! Set an alarm on your phone, telling you it’s time to workout.

Remember, if you’re in the market for a new home to set up your new home gym in, check out available Glenwood apartments. Between the square footage and sunshine streaming through the windows, you’ll have plenty of motivation to get working out!

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