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5 Storage Solutions You Aren’t Using (But Should Be!)

An over-the-door organizer for craft supplies.
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When apartment tenants initially think of extra storage, you may wish you had more, or jump to research nearby storage facilities. Rather than renting a storage unit outside of your apartment building, Glenwood has the inside scoop on how to make the most of unused space in your luxury apartment. Look up, down, and all around your home for these smart storage solutions!

A bedroom closet with a clothing organizer and shelving units.
Photo Credit: Pexels

1. Add Vertical Shelves in Closets

Do you truly use closets to their full capacity? Making the most of unused vertical space in your closet is a true life hack – especially for residents with large wardrobes! You’ll be happy to hear of a few tricks that can help you do just this – regardless of closet size.

If there’ss one item we recommend for closet storage, its baskets. Wicker or woven, plastic or rubber – filling closet shelves with neatly labeled baskets will help your household stay organized. Another idea to make the best, and most practical, use of space at Liberty Plaza is to swap out-of-season clothes on high shelves, and in-season outfits on lower shelves. You can even add a shelf or two about the current set up for extra space (Just check with your building manager).

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2. Use the Floor of Closets

Now that we’ve uncovered additional closet storage space up high, why not take a look down low? When you think about it, a majority of closet space is taken up by hanging garments. If you look beneath this, you’ll likely find empty space… But usable space! Here are a few DIY ways to create smart storage solutions:

  • Install a closet rod to hang a second row of clothing
  • Add a tiered shoe rack
  • Store seasonal accessories (hats, gloves, beach bags) in stackable boxes
  • Line up a few short dressers with drawers
Handbags hanging on an over-the-door hanger.
Photo Credit: Pexels

3. Organizing the Back of Doors

From kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and hallways closets, one of the easiest ways to give yourself additional storage space, namely for clothing and accessories, it to use the back of neary any door in your Midtown apartment! Here’s a breakdown of what items to store, and where to store them:

In the Bathroom – Adding a set of over-the-door hooks provide the perfect place for towels or bathrobes to hang dry. In your vanity cabinet, extra storage can be made for makeup, medicines, hair dryers, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

In the Kitchen – If you’re not familiar with our post on kitchen storage solutions, using the back of cabinet doors provides small shelf-like structures that can hold spice jars, light dry foods, hand towels, and extra utensils at The Encore, Paramount Tower, and other buildings.

In Closets – One of the best ways to maintain an organized closet is to neatly use every space within it… And that includes the back of the door! Hang scarves, belts, handbags, ties, and umbrellas.

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4. Utilize Under the Bed Storage

Stuffing items under your bed is a quick way to clean up the bedroom, but don’t let this valuable space stay cluttered. With the right rolling bins, plastic drawers, or fabric storage bags, the area under your bed can become a storage opportunity. The first step is to raise your bed frame. This is easy with a set of bed raisers from your local home improvement or department store in the Upper West Side. Once the bed is raised, you’ll easily gain 4 to 6 inches of usable storage space for storing bulky comforters, winter jackets, and shoes. Now your master bedroom at The Cambridge is optimized for storage!

A dark wood coffee table with additional drawers for storage.
Photo Credit: Pixabay

5. Furniture with Built-In Storage

Furniture design is becoming quite trendy in style, color, and overall functionality. And yes, functionality often equals storage! A few go-to pieces with storage we recommend when decorating your apartment the Glenwood way include coffee tables, bookcases, armoire, and antique chests. These are great spots to store seasonal throw blankets or impromptu crafting supplies.

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