5 Housekeeping Shortcuts

A woman folding clean laundry in a NYC apartment with exposed brick walls.
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Keeping your luxury Glenwood apartment nice and tidy all year long may sound like a chore, but we have a few pointers to cut down your housekeeping! Using our quick and easy tips below, we promise that “keeping a tidy apartment” will be one 2018 resolution you have no problem maintaining.

1. Create a Cleaning Schedule

Similar to how you schedule important appointments, meetings, events at school, and weekly yoga classes, add a cleaning day into the mix! Create a list of things you need to get done around the house, and also note how frequently they need to be completed. For instance, you might only need to clean out your closet seasonally, but you probably want to give your luxury bathroom a good scrub on a weekly basis. After all, upscale bathrooms at Tribeca Bridge Tower always look best when they’re clean!

Sit down with your actual calendar (you know, the one you use for real life, either digitally or on paper), and jot down what chores you plan to complete on which days. You’ll quickly see that by doing just ten extra minutes a day on a chore will cut down on ever having to dedicate an entire weekend to a huge cleaning fest!

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2. Outsource Daily Tasks

Everyone has something they loathe a little more than the next. Perhaps it’s doing laundry, organizing kitchen cabinets, or scrubbing toilets. Whatever it is, you’ll love to know that there’s probably someone who will do that very chore you hate for you!. Case in point, the company Cleanly will come and pick up your laundry and dry cleaning at the touch of an app, and deliver it all to you when it’s clean. Glenwood buildings like Hawthorn Park have regular dry cleaning valet pick up and drop off services too!

The company Handy will handle regular cleanings, occasional deep cleanings (think: right before you have a bunch of out of town relatives visiting), and will even send someone over to put together a new piece of furniture for you. They are also app based, meaning you can set up and cancel appointments from the comfort of your phone. Glenwood residents will be pleased to know that many of our buildings, such as The Stratford, offer onsite maid services that are tried and trusted!

For the random tasks (hauling bags upon bags of clothing donations to the Salvation Army, moving furniture around to clean out dust bunnies, or folding all your clothes to fit into your dresser), yes, there is a solution! TaskRabbit is the go-to source for lending a hand with daily tasks. Here are some ways they lend a hand:

  • Assembling new furniture
  • Hand wall decor or TV
  • Grocery shopping
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3. Have a “Shoes Off” Policy

While this seems like a very basic idea, it’s amazing how many New Yorkers don’t have a “shoes off” policy inside their homes! Just think of all the stuff you step in on the subway alone – and now imagine how much time you’d save on sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming if you didn’t trek all that inside.

To keep yourself and your family members on track with this, consider putting a shoe tray by the door, and keeping a pair of comfy slippers for every member of the family to change into.

The interior view of a walk in closet with ample shelving for folded clothing and accessories.
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4. Manage the Daily Clutter

One of the major ways we can get thrown off with keeping a tidy house is the unpredictability of clutter. This is especially true if you live with roommates, a partner, or have children.

To avoid piles of stuff everywhere by week’s end, make one giant sweep around your home at the end of the night and corral everything that is out of place into a basket or bag. You can then quickly go room to room and drop off the things that belong there, say, purse and coat in the hall closet, toys in your child’s toy box, mail that needs to be tended to in your home office, etc.

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5. Only Keep Out What You’re Currently Using

Life can feel chaotic and complicated if we’re sorting through closets that house both winter sweaters and summer sundresses alike. Instead of showcasing your entire wardrobe, choose to display only what you will actually be using this season, and store the rest at the back of the closet in cute boxes (thankfully, residents of Paramount Tower are blessed with closets larger than most NYC buildings). You’ll be amazed at how much more room you’ll have, and how your closet now takes on a more boutique feel, rather than being overstuffed and cluttered.

What are your tried and true housekeeping hacks? Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!