5 New TV Shows Out This August

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If you are a TV lover, there are some great new shows premiering this month! Whether you are a fan of documentaries, comedy, or drama- there is something for everyone! Keep reading to find out more.

Nine Perfect Strangers

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Nine Perfect Strangers is a tv show adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s book. (She also wrote Big Little Lies!) The show stars Nicole Kidman along side a stellar cast. The show takes place at a health and wellness retreat, but the guests of the retreat are not aware of what they have really signed up for! If you are a fan of Nicole Kidman fan or have loved Liane Moriarty’s books, be sure to check this show out on Hulu! It premiered August 18th.

OBAMA: In Persuit Of A More Perfect Union

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This three part docu-series premiered on August 3rd on HBO. The three episodes will take you through Obama’s early childhood, adolescences, college years, all the way through to his presidency. If you are an Obama fan or a history buff, be sure to check this HBO documentary series out!

Only Murder In The Building

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If you are a fan of mystery comedy, than you will appreciate this new TV series streaming on Hulu available to watch on August 31st. It features a fantastic cast with Steve Martin, Selena Gomez, and Martin Short. Follow along as these three individuals who are lovers of true crime suddenly find themselves in the middle of one!

Fantasy Island

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This reboot of the original Fantasy Island stars actress Roselyn Sánchez as she welcomes guests to the island that supposedly allows them to fulfill their deepest fantasies. But, not everything is as clear once they are on the island. The mysterious and dramatic show is on Tuesday nights on Fox.

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Fear Street Part 3: 1666

If you love horror tv shows or movies, then be sure to check out the final TV streaming movie in the Fear Street Trilogy. The truth about Sarah Fier is finally revealed as the group is thrusted back to the year 1666! If you have not watched the previous movies, this is a great trilogy to save for a rainy day! Be sure to check out the Fear Street Trilogy on Netflix!

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